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Red spots/bumps on edge of glans?

Red spots/bumps on edge of glans?

I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or not, but I seem to have some red little bumps on the left and right edge/underside of my glans. Not severe, but is noticeable to me. I mean it usually seems a little ribbed, but these side areas seem to be bigger and more red.

Any thoughts?

Squeezing too hard while masturbating?

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have you tried a day or two off to see if they go?

I’m on 3 weeks off.

Start Dec 10 \'07: BPEL 6 2/16" | EG 5 1/4"

Feb 4: BPEL 6 11/16" | EG 5 2/4"

Short Term Goal: BPEL 7" | EG 5 3/4" Long Term Goal: BPEL 7 3/4 - 8" | EG 6"

My first post on here, but anyway it might be a condition called pearly penile papules(nice name.).What your describing may or may not be them, can’t really tell from your description but it does sound similar.

If they are like pimples or bumps, I wouldn’t worry.

I have developed more texture in that same area since starting PE. I almost consider it to be a good sign.

But these are just bumps, not blood filled things like from jelqing/masturbating too hard.

There is always the option of seeing a doctor if you are really concerned.

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I would also have to say that I think you have pearly penile papules, I noticed that I have the also now. I don’t really remember ever having them before I started PEing which has been about a month and half or so. I don’t believe that they are harmful or anything so all should be well fine, I also kind of like them they are all in one straight line on the underside so that they cannot be seen or anything but I think they look cool haha or at least on mine they do :)

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I had the same problem, but it’s gone. Don’t know how long I had it. Maybe 2 months.

Good luck (Y)

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