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Glans become red when I jelq.

Glans become red when I jelq.

Hello all, I’ve been doing PE for 1 month now. I only wet jelq and stretch.
-I was 5.0 BPEL before, now I’m 5.25 BPEL
-I am uncircumcised
-I jelq at about 40-50% erection for 30 minutes

My glans and the quarter inch above it turn noticeably red (all over, not spots) during jelqing. It tingles, but it doesn’t hurt. Does anyone else experience this, and is this normal? Thank you, TP rocks!

I think it’s normal.

You need to warm up heat = growth.

Nice gains so far.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Keep doing what you are doing, and add heat. The redness sounds good.

regards, mgus

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