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Large rugged red spot on the glans

Large rugged red spot on the glans

Well, this is my first post so first of all I’d like to thank everyone involved in the creation and keeping up of this amazing forum. THANK YOU. All this is really a Wonder )))
So, here goes my story. I am in the middle of my second month into PE and I so far I have gained practically an inch in length!! )))
BUT there is this problem that I stated in the thread. The thing is that during my first month everything was fine. However, due to some circumstances I had to stop PE for 1 week after this month. During this rest period I didn’t do any PE at all and imagine what? The area around the tip of my glans had become red!! I was really astonished since I didn’t do any PE at all during this week and nevertheless this red spot had enlarged. I decided to proceed anyway and now it even got worse. The spot is like half of an inch in diameter. Some part of it is rugged.
The most disappointing thing is that I perfectly understand that I have to stop at this point, but I simply can’t resist the temptation of continuing PE, I already have made good gains and I don’t want to lose them!! Besides, it is very important to maximize these initial gains, because the longer you are in PE - the harder the gains, that’s what I think.
Maybe someone had similar problems? How did you overcome this? Maybe it’s possible just to get through it without stopping PE?

And.. I am not pulling my dick REALLY hard, I’m just giving it a nice firm tug. I am doing mainly stretches and just a bit of low-erection jelqing. And so far I haven’t felt any pain in my glans.

Please, help! Any advice would be appreciated! I am really confused.

Cockaine, maybe you should think beyond the whole P.E. thing, there are a number of reasons why parts of the genitals may become inflamed.

I am sure this is due to PE

Your glans is the most sensitive area of your penis, your frenulum aside. And it sustains a lot of pressures during some PE exercises, including jelking which forces an unaccustomed amount of blood into the glans. You may have popped some tiny capillaries in that region. They take time to heal. The more you aggravate the injured area, of course, the more aggravated it gets. ergo, stop aggravating it. Probably some gentle flaccid stretching won’t bother it but lay off the rest until it heals.

This assumes you haven’t picked up some STD or urethral infection.



Thanks, Avocet. I plan to do 4 more sessions without any jelqing. After this I’m going to take a break for at least a week and see how it goes. Hope it will heal ))

Hi Cockaine,

had similar problems. Wrote about it in a thread here : Be careful when stretching

I thought NonStock linked his thread in “Spotting on the Penis Head” in the Injury Forum, but couldn’t find his post anymore. Above is the link to the original thread.

Hope it helps. Good luck,



Thanks, man! I found the information very helpful.
I just wonder: did Cortaid help you as well? I guess you have completely overcome this problem by now, right?

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