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Really Weird Question.

Really Weird Question.

Ok, brace yourselves.this is a dumb and weird question:

Does anyone know the average circumference of a women’s mouth. LOL
But seriously.I would like to know

It depends on the woman’s mouth you are measuring.

Actually, unless you have a compliant woman handy, you can just measure your own mouth and estimate from there. Take a rolled up piece of paper, stick it in your mouth, and expand the roll to however wide your mouth can get, then mark the paper with a pen, unroll, and measure.

I think you pretty much defined the nature of your question. I would expect that the bell curve of such measurements would be as spread as that of length, i.e. the variation is so big that “average” is useless as a guide. Some women have wide smiles, others don’t. As for the skeletal differences (how much they can open their jaws) - who knows?

regards, mgus

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That scared the piss out of me Ike. You need to put a warning with that pic. I think she was trying to swallow that poor girl whole!!


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