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Ready to throw in the towel.

Ready to throw in the towel.

I have been PE’ing for the past 2 years and it has yielded absolutely no results. I’ve been so consistent in my newbie routine workouts and have been following every single detail of my GOOD workouts and tried to mimic them on my next PE session. However, I keep finding that my penis does not consistently react to my workouts the same way as it did previously. Does anyone experience this? I literally would have the most mind blowing PE session where I’d feel blood rushing into my penis and have a healthy hang throughout the day, as well as night/morning wood the next day. The next day, I’ll literally follow every single detail of my previous workout and be consistent, however my penis just doesn’t react in the same way. I’ll turtle up, feel absolutely no blood flow or hang afterwards throughout the rest of the day, and have no morning wood the next day. I feel absolutely no consistency with how my penis reacts to my workouts in spite of maintaining the same routine, with the same grip, same erection %, etc etc. Does anyone share this frustration? For those that have gained, did you not have these moments where you were consistent, but your penis was not?

What warmup method are you using?

The bucket of hot H20 and the IR lamp is the only warmup methods I trust.

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Have you ever changed your routine? From your post, you have only done the one specific routine, but why not try more advanced routines? Whenever I go a few months without any progress to show for, I knew it was time to look into changing thing up. You have been doing PE for two years now, you are conditioned for more strenuous exercises.

Yeah, probably trying something different is the way to go. Not necessarily more intense, just more ‘appropriate’ for you, if it’s clear what I mean - pumping, clamping, hanging…whatever, but one thing at the time, don’t mix too many things.

I do either a wet towel which I reheat with hot water every minute. I also have used a box heater which I do believe is more effective but I left it at my apartment and I’m at my parents house for the summer. For the most part, I’ve been doing the newbie routine and have had little variations like how many jelqs I do, but for the most part it has been the newbie routine. Also I think I was being a little misleading by saying that I’ve been doing it for 2 years. I have been doing it for about 12 months in the past two years, so it’s been on and off. But yeah I have been sticking with the newbie routine and I feel like I should continue to do so until I see results before I switch to something more advanced.

Edit: I will probably stick with the newbie routine till the end of summer and then switch to a harder routine for sure. Can you guys give me any ideas on a more advanced routine?

If you have been PEing for 2 years, it’s probably time for a decon break.

Also, when you have a great session one day and the next day you get nothing, you could need a longer break between PE sessions.

Have you tried a reduced routine. If you are following the newbie routine religiously. If one day you are going great and the next not, perhaps you just need a slightly longer recovery period? Just an idea.

I had a very long 1+ year plateau. I think it was actually more than 1 year, might have been 2. I honestly can’t remember, because it was a long time ago and I’ve tried to put it behind me. Just keep going, keep reading up on the LOT theory, Remek’s gain theory and basically every other theory you can find. Change your routine, try something new.

Take a break and read up, then continue. That’s my advice.

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Yeah, that definitely seems to be a possibility. Sigh, it’s awfully frustrating and hard to stay motivated but I guess I’m going to just have to be smarter about my PE’ing. I feel like there is absolutely no room for error and I’m probably getting the smallest detail wrong even though I feel like I’m following my routine to the tee. I will probably try incorporating 1on/2off.

A good idea could be starting a progress report.

wow so you have been doing PE for that long and you still haven’t made any gains? Have you tried any other routines? Also what is your size?

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Hmm, I would take a month off for a deconditioning break first. Are you aiming for for girth or for length? Doing Ulis and Squeezes were the only things that worked for my my girth. They are advanced techniques and worth a shot for girth. I don’t know much about length gains though.

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