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Read Please

Read Please

Hey guys, I’m new to this site. Well - Fairly, at least.

I’ve spent the past few days browsing through a number of forums posts receiving an overload of information and headaches, so I thought I’d just type my dilemma here and hopefully someone kind and experienced enough can help me with my problem.

I’ve been seeing a girl all year and I’m quite in-love with her, however when it comes to having sex ‘always unprotected’ I find I can’t last more then 2 minutes, and even when I do last two minutes I’ve GOT to go slow, because if I don’t go slow I cum straight away!
Now before I started seeing her I was a stallion in bed, I could last however long I wanted to protected or un-protected.
Now this girl used to have an ex-boyfriend with a 22cm dick that could go as fast as he wanted and I knew her when she was with him and she used to gloat about how they would have sex, how long and fast he is etc. Etc.
Then when we got together I seem to have pre-mature ejaculation problems? Maybe because I felt insecure about satisfying her? Because I only have an 18cm dick? Whatever it is it’s killing our sex life.
I’m going into depressions because of it, I’ve always been able to satisfy my partners.. It just seems with her I cum so quick and it’s literally doing my head it.

Now I’ve read a million posts about ‘what will help’..
Gym, Kegels, now ‘Reverse’ Kegels, Ballooning will too apparently..
I’ve read the posts on here about Ballooning but I still can’t seem to grasp exactly HOW to do it..
Now I don’t know about what’s better, Reverse Kegels? Or Kegels? Or both done together?
It’s a fucking head-ache!

Can ANYONE whom is experienced, please help me with this or outline some solutions to my problem or even a regime.. Because I’m sick of feeling worthless like I can’t please a woman and I don’t want this relationship to end because of my PE..

Thank you for your time.

Thanks alot mate - Really appreciated!

Originally Posted by Thrash_Er
I’ve spent the past few days browsing through a number of forums posts receiving an overload of information…

That can happen.

Thanks john, those are good links to give him. Dick Control: A Primer Is a great resource. Mostly stuff for after you deal with the premature popping but take a look.

I wouldn’t worry about ballooning to much right now, especially not as a cure for premature ejaculation. I hope that you have been working overtime on the oral sex to keep her happy.

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