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Quick questions on gains

Quick questions on gains

Just a few quick inquiries. One, I’m quite happy with my basic routine of warmup, stretch, jelq, cooldown, and haven’t really ever considered modifying it, except for occasional squeezing. Just wanted to know if I will continue to see gains, or if I have to switch my routine because my penis will eventually get used to something and no longer respond. It doesn’t seem like I’m in as much of a hurry as most people here to gain, so if I will still eventually see gains, I’ll stick with my routine without changing, just needed to know.

Secondly, I hear people talking about maintenance once you’ve achieved your goals. This is a ways off for me, but I was still wondering what maintenance you do in order to keep your gains permannetly.

Hey Phoward!

I does depend a lot on the individual however many guys find that they have to increase the workload to continue seeing gains. Often they reach a “plateau” stage where their routine no longer works as well as it once did and they go for extended periods where no gains are made. In this case it is often remedied by changing the routine, doing an intense “shock” routine or by having a complete rest for a few months before continuing their routine.

Many guys have reported that gains achieved over time do tend to stick with little or no maintenance. But quick gains can disappear just as quickly as they were made, especially in the early stages when most of the work may be simply combatting the effects of atrophy. Light maintenance is good for continuing penile health so when you’re done with PE keep the habit once or twice a week. :)

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