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Quick simple questions

Quick simple questions

Just two quick questions guys, should I stretch more than once for the day? And how long before I take a measurement? I’ve only been doing PE for a week and a half but what is the recommended time before taking a measurement.

So far I’ve experienced all the positives of doing PE like increased EQ, morning and night wood and just general overall horniness. So I’m pretty anxious to see how it’s working out lengthwise and girth wise. But I don’t want to set myself up to discouraged if it isn’t anything positive.

I think most guys here measure once a month, if you measure more often than that (especially when first starting) it is very easy to get discouraged when you don’t see a rapid gain. As for two a day stretching, I would stick with once a day for a few months and see how that works for you. If gains stop, add more time/variations to your sessions. I don’t know if stretching twice daily is ever really necessary to be quite honest, but if all other options fail it wouldn’t hurt to try. Maybe it will work for you, but again give it a few months before ramping up the intensity too much

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