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Quick Questions

Quick Questions

Okay, I finally started measuring with the ruler pressed against the skin rather than just touching it, and HOORAY, I gained a half an inch!


I have two questions that may have already been answered, but when I search, I didn’t find any clear results.

1) The effects of caffeine on erection strength and length, what are they?

2) Last night, I was wet jelqing and I got up for a second to readjust my pillow. I was on my knees and squatting a little bit, when I lied back down I got a really stiff erection that wouldn’t go away for like three minutes. Did that posture I was in briefly have some sort of effect on my PC muscles or the blood flow or something?

1) Chemicals affect people in vastly different ways. The best way to find out? Run some tests of your own.

2) You were probably in position whereby gravity was aiding blood flow to the cockrel.

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If anything, caffeine would shrink your EL: it’s a vasoconstrictor…


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