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Quick Question

Quick Question

I looked at the new routine, the FAQs, and even searched for it. I’m wondering since some of these routines are about 30 minutes long or longer and that we must give ourselves some rest days, how many times does/should one perform PE in a day? I’m thinking just a 30-minute routine per day for X amount of days, but doesn’t seem like it’s going to do much. Thanks.

Ease into it RonnyMan. It might be hard to fathom now, but that first period is pretty integral for you to assess your dick and what kind of response you’ll get from it while PE’ing. If you’ve never done this before, then it’s very hard (I’d say impossible) to know how your dick will respond to the workouts. I overtrained like a mother at first and VERY LUCKILY turned out to have a pretty tough dick. However, a dick injury is NOt something you want to pull right off the bat. During your newbie period you’re sizing things up- your technique, your lube, your dick, your tendancy to discolor, the way you warmup, what constitutes a good warmup *for you*…..and yadda, yadda, yadda. I’ve had to backdown from my own cocky first impressions and listen to reason. I would advise that you do just as the pro’s around here tell you to do at first and if you still cannot hold yourself back from longer/more strenuous routines than the newbie routine, just remember to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, PAY A LOT OF ATTENTION, and GO EASY.

I personally feel that yes, 30 minutes a day is a fine workout for a newbie. That’s about what I’m doing now, albeit with the mod of wearing golf swing weights for about 4 hours a week.

There’s a theory that you can “overtrain” your dick and thereby cause it to go into a kind of shock whereby gains come less easily than if you had “teased them out”. I concur with this opinion. Eventually, after newbie gains have ceased the road won’t be as easy so save the high stress/long duration workouts for when you’re really going to need them- usually somewhere south of your first 1” of gains.

Anyway, there’s my nickle’s worth. Happy gaining man.

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Follow the newbie routine the first 3 months.

That aside there are guys who PE for 1.5-2 hours without resting gains and there are guys who PE 20 minutes three times a week. It really depends from guy to guy. Find out what works best for you.

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