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which ones are the best stretch exercies, V-Stretch, Aided V-stretch, Aided Inverted V-stretch, Simple Manual Stretches and how long do you recommend for each one. I have peen doing pe for 3 months now and i come across this form from another site. do you recemend any of them together. I am more intrested in length right now then i will wearry about girth. I also do 200 jelq each day.



Welcome to the forum.

3 months in do you know whether you are looking for lig gains or tunica gains? Do you know your LOT?

For lig gains often almost any stretch will work, you simply have to stretch in a direction the stresses the ligs. To guarantee this you can go for simple stretches (various downward angles), BTC stretches or V-stretches.

If you are looking to target the tunica inverted V-stretches will guarantee this.

Whether to use aided V’s or inverted V’s probably comes down to how you are gaining right now. If you feel you need to apply more force using an aided stretch can help this. The tunica is hard to budge and it’s sensible to consider long hold stretches or at least stretches with some force.

Yes my lot is 8:00 i am not sure i am 6” in bpel and want 7.5 to 8.0 inches

Then it’s worth going for the easy lig gains, initially. Your target seems reasonable.

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