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Question regarding stretchers

Question regarding stretchers

Hello guys I’m new to this forum,

I recently read about people who used penis stretchers on a Swedish forum and to my surprise they said that it actually worked for them. Until this time I thought PE stuff like this was just pure scam but now I’m willing to try one of these. But I have a few noob questions first,

1. Do you gain both length and girth or just length when using this device? How can the girth be affected when you stretch it??

2. Does it affect the erection size? If not, its pretty damn useless

3. What happens when you stop using the stretcher, will the penis go back to its original size?

4. Which stretcher do you recommend? Proextender is the cheapest I can find in my country (99 euros), but there is also Jes Extender which seems to be verry popular. Which one should I choose?

5. Is there anything else I should think about when using this? Are there any risks?

I would really appreciate the help (sorry for the bad English)

I have used one in the past I didn’t care for it mainly because I had an incident at a meeting and it fell off and slipped down my leg lucky I kicked it under the table and retrieved it later but such a close call.

1.) Usually Both
2.) Usually if you gain length or girth your erection size does go up.
3.) You might loose some but usually keep most gains
4.) One without a loop or noose on the end
5.) They could be useful if you wrap well its all about wrapping and being consistent wearing it the required time and taking it off to get your circulation back.

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Extenders are useful for lenght, girth gains are about negligible, although some people claim to have gained some base girth with them. The most important thing when picking up an extender is comfort; the most comfortable for most people are vacuum based extenders, like those you can find at; latest models of the most popular brands have a vaccum attachement too, by what I know.

Length gained will be both flaccid and erect and will be stable. A manual based routine could give you faster gains than an extender and will help with your erection quality and girth too.

Hay man I went from 7.5 to 8.5 with one but due to not using it (maintenance) I lost .5 and its now pretty much on 8 all the time. It really dose work.

To the other two members I had the damn noose and didn’t even use the comfort strap, it was horrible but I was determined, can you guys really recommend the vacuum as more comfortable? I’m on a pumping spree but would like to go back some time

Thanks :-D

I don’t own any commercial extender; I used a noose style I built. Reading around though it seems vacuum type are the way to go for comfort.

Originally Posted by marinera
I don’t own any commercial extender; I used a noose style I built. Reading around though it seems vacuum type are the way to go for comfort.

Thanks man,

Uesd the jes, but learnt my lesson

My first post here so take this for what its worth :-) , I have the extender from X4 and have gained 3/8” in 1 month already. Using the comfort strap, with the extra double piece for 2 comfort straps makes it much more comfortable than the other ways I have strapped it on.

From what I have read, the Penimaster Pro is the most comfortable, but also one of the most expensive - over 200 Eu. I have had good success with the VacExtender and found it significantly more comfortable than the strap/noose mounting heads. However, my Version 3 occasionally causes glans bruising. I understand the version 4.1 has overcome this problem and the $189 price is more reasonable.

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Has anyone tried the Andropenis extender? Its the only one available to me

Do the newbie routine for a few months. You may just gain for free.

That being said, extenders do work. I just use my hands though to do the same thing.

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I used Andropenis for about 6 months 4-5 hours every day1 cm in length but not in girth. Now I use it again 4 hours every day after 1 year off

I used the Andropenis extender and I gained a bit of base girth, that was it. I used if for a couple of years, it can become irritating to wear and even fell off for me too at work haha, luckily nobody saw, I scooped it up and put it away. Up until a few days ago, when I began hanging, I would wear it 8 to 9 hours a day. I had problems with getting cut under the glans though all the time. I found it seemed to plump up the penis temporarily while using it, as in when erect, but then it seemed to fade, if I stopped using it. I don’t believe I gained any length from it :( There seems to be more gains made from the manual stretching etc.

I use the andropenis extender and have been since June 1, 2012. I’ve gain a quarter inch. I use it about 2 hours a day on average(but I don’t wear it every day). It works, it is uncomfortable, but I find that covering the glans with a folded baby sock help tremendously.

Keep in mind though that any stretcher/extender should work. But you need a lot of patience. If anything, combine manual work into routine with stretching.

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