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Question for Memento & other manual stretchers

Question for Memento & other manual stretchers

I have tried varoius stretching devices and I am now fed up with the hassle of using them…wrapping, standing in awkward positions, etc. I am ready to throw in the towel on PE. The last thing I will try will be manual stretching. Is manual stretching as effective as using the streching/hanging devices? Can someone like Memento or others comment on the results they have had with manual stretching, their routines, and any tips such as the best grips and ways to avoid slipping grip such as use of powder etc.

This is the last straw for me so any help would be really appreciated!

I didnt start to pickup length gains until I incorporated manual stretches into my routine.

I use a strip of paper towel wrapped around my unit to help me grip, is easy since I have some paper towel right there for use in a session (sometimes the damn phone rings).

Also, I alternate jelq and stretch sets, seems to be good for me right now.

Here’s some links to stretching that were helpful to me:





RB’s JAI variation

Dual Fulcrum stretch

How hard to stretch

DLD’s A Stretch

Memento’s Coke Can Stretch

Hobby’s info on stretching connective tissue (excellent)

Hang in there (no pun intended). Try everything before you give up.

My stats are in Size’s PE data site along with my routine, as are lots of peoples. Its a simple way to see how effective a routine has been for a particular person.

I think manual stretching is an excellent technique and capable of producing good force and growth.

I use an offcut of an old t-shirt wrapped quickly around the glans for grip.

If I had to recommend two exercises just from reading other experiences and from my own experience…they would be the DLD stretches and “V” Stretches. Using Baby Powder for a grip aid does wonders!

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