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Question on gains

Question on gains

Hey guys, Newbie here first post. I heard that people that already have Large have a large penis have trouble gaining size is there any truth to this?. Because I’m some where between 7.8-8 and 5.7 and was hoping to get to around 9 and 6.25-6.5 would this be possible?

I am not too sure but I don’t think your starting size will affect how much you gain. So yes, I think you can get around 9 inches, but probably after a year or so. But I think you can hit 8 in about 3 months.

I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get those gains, especially if you’ve not PE’d before. (I expect the extra girth will be the difficult bit)

Two things,

1 - If you are committed post some pics and join the site database

2 - Isn’t 7.8” enough?

When you say it’s 7.8” you do mean BP right?

Of course you can reach that but putting a time frame around it is really difficult. There are to many factors involved with getting gains.

Originally Posted by jordon
2 - Isn’t 7.8” enough?

Nah I’m greedy call it a character fall. C750 It’s anywhere between 7.8-8 when I measure and that is BP.

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