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Question for the experts

Question for the experts

Hey guys.
I just have a question for the experts about jelking.
I was just watching sunday night sex talk. And they were talking about men having troubles keeping erections. One of the solution they proposed was a cock ring ( a rubber ring that traps blood in the penis to keep an erection.) she never to leave it for more than 20 min or it might kill some cells in the penis. It just keep the blood from coming back, this is where my question come in. I was wondering if this would be good for any penis exercises like jelking or just warming up because the more blood trap the more efficient it is.
I don’t know if this is a good idea. It is why I am asking you guy (the experts)


Cock rings or wrapping the shaft will produce expansion. How long you can leave something like this on depends on the degree that circulation is restricted. If it’s cut off completely, 10 minutes maximum.

A cock ring around penis and balls that is just tight enough to maximize an erection can be left on longer.

Last time I gained a little girth was at least in part from staying erect (edging) while wearing a cock ring. If your penis is unconditioned enough, that method is capable of producing some permanent gains.

It’s also great for thoroughly engorging the shaft before jelqing - sort of a warmup as you said. Or wear it and edge for awhile after your session. Or both. Whatever you prefer.

Sometimes I wear a cock ring while jelqing. I prefer a fat rubber band around the whole package for that. Be sure to take it off when you’re done.


Like hobby said, a cock ring could help for girth exercises. The main thing to remeber is that if you are just starting, doing advanced exercises can lead to damage and injuries. Start with regular jelqing, then you can proceed to squeezes after a month or so, and then down the road you can experiment with blood trapping by a cock ring. Take it slow or you will hurt yourself.

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