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Injury Question for the Experts...

Injury Question for the Experts...

As you all know, I recently reported what I believe to be a thrombosed vein
on the right side of my dick. I have been rice sock wrapping, massaging, and
taking asp and ibuprofun. But NO PE since. I have notice now that it seems my
dick is curving toward the left, opposite from the vein. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO
MY DICK??? It has always been fairly straight and no I haven’t recently had
any trauma to it during sex. Could this thrombosed vein cause it to curve to
the opposite side? Will it straighten out once the vein problem is solved?

Also, while I am having this PE downtime, I am going to try and make my own
hanging device, if it works out, I will post pics etc…


Is it really curving, or is swelling over the bad vein only making it appear to curve?

The reason I ask is I recently started hanging again and did more sets sooner than I should have. I got some skin swelling on the left side of my shaft near the head (think half a donut). At first it seemed like my slight right curve had worsened. However, after feeling the tissues I realized it was an illusion caused by the extra puffiness on the left. 2-3 days later the swelling went down and my dick still has its usual amount of curve.

The first thrombosed vein I had was accompanied by skin swelling over the vein. If yours is the same, the swelling on the right may be making your dick appear to curve left.

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