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DLD question

DLD question

Hey, I have a question on using the DLD stretch. I understand the whole kegel/reverse kegel process and think it works wonderfully.

My question has to do with the actual stretching. I think I’m doing it wrong. Currently, I place two fingers of my right hand below my dick at the base. I then take my left hand and pull down over the two fingers. While I feel a stretch, it’s mostly the middle of my penis that seems to be under tension. I don’t feel any stretch going on at the base, other than the stretching of the skin.

Am I doing this wrong? Am I supposed to actually _grab_ at the base and pull up while pulling down behind the head? I’ve been hearing the gains everyone’s been having with this and do not want to be left out. Please help me.

No problem…

The stretch you described I have not tried. I would suggest you, if able, do the traditional “A-Stretch” and if you cannot get into this stretch yet RB has a very nice solution that I am sure he would share with you. I suggest the “A-Stretch” because this is what works best for me and a lot of other guys but The Blasters do not require this…Men that hand do Blasters, Penismith and SWM have modifield versions of the “A-Stretch” as does doc.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

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