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Question about the routine I'm doing

Question about the routine I'm doing

Hi guys just wondering if this routine will help me in increasing length and girth

5 min warm wrap
5 min BTC
5 min v-stretch
5 min wrap
20 min jelq
5 min horse squeeze
5 min JAI stretch 5 min warm wrap
And I’m thinking about adding the uli #3

Atm I’m at 6.69 length when erect / 5.5 girth when erect I would be happy enough adding another inch to both when erect.
Would this be the best routine for me to gain the results I want

I also have a slight curvature that bends upward when erect and was curious if there are any exercises I can incorporate into my routine to correct this

This would be a good routine to do after the newbie routine. According to your join date you are newbie. Start with the newbie routine and pick up this routine after the 3 months. Do this to condition your penis.

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