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Question about the LOT theory

Question about the LOT theory

I have tried to figure my LOT time, but on every hour when i kegel i will feel a tugback. So what does this mean, do i have a really low LOT?If i do have a low LOT, should i concentrate more on stretching the tunica?

From what I understand, don’t feel for tugback, Look at the head and

when you see little or no movement, that is your Lot.

Same deal. It is not what you feel but what you see.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

OK I have found my LOT and its 6 o’clock. Does this mean I am not going to gain much? So should I stetch more of the tunica than the ligs?

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According to the theory, your ligs are low/loose and so you have limited potential for gains from your ligs.

Stretch above your LOT (ideally straight up as that is the furthest above your LOT) to target the tunica.

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