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Question about Kegels

Question about Kegels


I have read on the forum about reversed kegels. I don’t really know what that means. Every morning when I arrive at work I have a 20 minutes of computer start. During that start I do kegels. My routine is like this.
1 minute hold, 30 seconds of 3 seconds hold 3 seconds release. Then 1 minute hold again and then 30 seconds of 3 seconds hold 3 seconds release. When I reach 10 minutes I change the 3 seconds of hold 3 seconds release to 2 seconds quick and hard hold and then release slow for 2 seconds then a hard and quick hold of 2 seconds again and then 2 seconds of slow release.

Now to my question. I can’t understand what a reverse kegel is. I can do kegels in 2 different ways. Forcing the hold backwards toward the anus. And the other one is forcing the hold toward the ball sack. Is one of those hold the reverse kegel?

Btw. This routine took some time to master, 3 years, but I am mastering it now and yes I find that the training absolutely have helped me regarding sex. I haven’t tried to hold back the ejaculation and experience multiple orgasms but it is absolutely something I am interested in learning.

/ Soulmedeep

Unfortunately I don’t have the answer for what reverse kegels are. I’ve tried searching the forums and the web and have found very little information on them. I’m in to find out as well.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

I had to Google it and here’s my understanding.
>Reverse Kegels (RK) relax the tension created by regular kegels
>RK removes stimulation from the “male G-spot,” known as the prostate
>Another opinion stated that RK is being able to consciously relax the PC in order to relieve tension, tension that could encourage early ejaculation
>Psychologically, the movement can be visualized as opening up the pathways down there (as opposed to closing it off as done in regular kegels)


Relaxation method

Thanks Dynamite!

If I understand it right it is just about relaxing the PC ( BC ) Muscle then. Hmmm I thought I did that the rest of the day hehe. Anyway. Thanks for answer. / Smd

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