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Question about edging.

Question about edging.

Ok so when you edge your penis get harder than what it would be when you just get it up because you’re getting closer and closer to PONR. Over a longer period of time at very high arousal your dick is at max hardness and blood flow (if you remove clamping, pumping, etc). But I’ve realized something.. I only “get” length from the increased blood flow? What is up with that? If I measure when I just got it up (decently hard) I’m 0.25” less than at max blood flow & hardness, but with girth there’s no changes. I have no changes from the time I got it up to I’m at max.. My EQ is very good naturally, 9 maybe even 10. But even if you have the highest EQ in the world it would get harder with higher arousal, pumping, clamping etc)..

I also got another question, I’ve read somewhere that edging increases penis health and blood flow, including EQ and stamina (how long it can stay hard without physical stimulation and without much drop in erection). But how exactly does edging improve EQ? Is it just a myth? Edging just puts max blood flow in your penis because you’re staying at max arousal for a prolonged amount of time, but is it possible to have extremely hard erections when you just get it up? I usually “measure” EQ when I just get it up.. Is it possible to get it extremely hard very quick without rushing to PONR? Etc

Thanks in advance.

This is one of the questions people don’t have answer for I guess?

Girth is very hard to gain think of your penis like a pop bottle. You can only get so much water in it , unless you are able to stretch it then you can fit more. Edging doesnt really stretch the penis although you may get a little longer this is just because as you say your at your max. If you looked at a hot girl and get hard but the penis is not at its max. You have to do some girth stretches say for 10 mins . Then try edging. As for the other question I believe edging can help you last longer as your brain gets trained that it can handle strong sensations and that it don’t mean it has to send the signal to the balls to cum. IDK if it will make you stay harder longer.

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