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Question about anatomy: ligaments, diagrams

Question about anatomy: ligaments, diagrams

Hi. I would like to get a better idea of where the suspensory ligament is, and what other ligaments are attached to the penis that you can feel or see. "Suspensory ligament” is always written in the singular, and I’ve seen a diagram of the penis with this one ligament attached to the penis and the pubic bone. For example, here is a diagram. When I do manual stretches for a while and and am in certain positions, I see *TWO* other ligaments or tendons on each side of the penis. I can only see these ligaments very easily when I’m crouched down and I pull my penis at just the right angle. What are these? I haven’t seen a diagram with them in it. When I stretch these ligaments it seems like they are attached farther down into the penis on one end, and almost on the corner of my legs on the other side. I popped this on the right side the other day and it felt like it popped nowhere near my pubic bone.

Thanks. I’ve looked at several diagramms but don’t think I see it! The ligaments are always shown to be attached right at the base of the penis, and what I was pulling seems to go out to the side. But I’ll keep searching… When I popped this cord thing it didn’t hurt, it only felt a little strange, but ‘m a little worried that I was pulling on my vas deferens, a vein, or something else that I shouldn’t have! When I popped it I was pulling my penis out and to the side with one hand, and pulling this cord up with my other hand. Is it possible to pull on your vas deferens, or a vein or nurve or something from the front base of your penis? I guess I wouldn’t have been able to pull on it if it was a nerve or the vas deferens or something without it really hurting, but can someone put my worry at ease? I really want to make sure that I was pulling on a ligament. I definitely do not want to become infertile. These cord things clearly go into the base of the penis and then go outward into the sides of my pubic area making a V-shape. By the way, sometimes after I do a lot of streching and pulling, my orgasm is feels like it’s starting but seems like it takes a couple of seconds longer than normal before it actually starts at which point the orgasm feels really strong. The orgasm with the delay period is good but I’m still worried because it is different than normal.

Originally Posted by westla90069
It’s probably your spermatic cords.

Are these the ligaments

Now you got me worried. How come there are never any warnings about this? Is it possible to break your spermatic cord and have it feel lie a lig pop? Do people ever mistake their spermatic cord for a ligament? Is this cord sensitive to a lot of tension? I guess I would have had a lot of blood and pain if I actually broke that thing right? Oh crap!!!!!!!!!

It had to have been the fundiform ligament. Right? Do fundiform ligaments ever pop way out to the side?

So it seems. On some pics, it looks like it could be the ischiocavernosus muscle, also.

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The ischiocavernosus is deeper, inside the pelvis.

To the OP - perhaps you should stop pulling on it. If it’s the spermatic cord you’d probably feel it in your balls. If it was something else, and I can’t imagine what else it could be, it’s probably not worth future damage. Just do standard PE exercises instead of something of your own invention.

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