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Are these the ligaments

Are these the ligaments

When I stretch, the skin at the base of my penis gets pulled forward so that from a top down perspective my penis looks like a space shuttle with triangular wings (skin) at it’s base. Running along the edge of these wings I can feel a hard substance about the diameter of a pencil. I assume these are the ligaments?

Ligament diagrams:



Both the fundiform and suspensory ligaments are more or less centralized on the shaft and wouldn’t come from the sides as you describe. Perhaps you’re feeling the spermatic cord?

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Ha ha. No your ligs are behind your balls, :D Spaceships have Cock pits.

No I’m just kidding. Ligs, are ligaments, they don’t form your penis. Kinda flex your leg and feel between your knee, that part that stiffens is a lig. You got one down near your penis too. It’s what hold it in place.

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Thanks for the diagrams, makes much more sense now :D

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