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Pumping Question please help

Pumping Question please help

I’ve been reading and seaching for almost 3 hours now and I’m starting to get a headache so please don’t tell me to look in the pumping section or seach because I’ve done them both I just want a strait foward answer and would appreciate anyones help ! I just want to know 100 % if pumping will give you perminate results I read where it lasted an hour with a cock ring and so but haven’t heard anyone say that it gave perminate result without pumping it 1 once a day I’m not very big and would love to make my wife feel better and would make me feel better about myself also theres so many techniques on here I just think pumping would be the easiest for me . If anyone heres been pumping for awhile and seen long term gains please respond . Thanks again guys !

Check out the Peforeals progress report

The best way to ensure that pumping gives permanent results is to combine pumping with jelqing. So you would pump for say 10 minutes and then jelq for 5 and do this for 2 or 3 cycles depending on your level of conditioning. There is lots of info describing the pump/jelq combo routines in the Pumpers Forum.

Going to start pumping Slack?

I have just started pumping, and I must say that I have never gotten so big when doing the excercises,
The increase in size after pumping is just unbeliveable. I think that a pumping/jelking (and extender) routine is the ultimate way to go for me.

I cant say for certain about permanent gains, as far as myself, but I am definately larger, since I have consistently pumped.

It’s easy, non strenuous, etc. I pump when I am in the bathroom, when I take a shower, and around the house, when no one else is home.

cead mile failte :lep:

Just make one for $40. Get the Mityvac from Autozone, and the gravel cleaner tube from Petsmart or any pet store. I’ve been using mine and it feels great. I did have to sand down the edges so they were smooth.

Xlmagnum would you mind posting directions on how to make your-designed pump?

Starting Erect Length(Aug.1.05: 4.5BP

*Erect Length(March.5.10): 6.00BP****Erect Girth: 4.5

(PE on and Off, Starting March/10 I am going at it full on)

The pump is all in one piece at Autozone. The aquarium cleaner cylinder is in one piece at a pet store. Connect the two and pump away.

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