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Pumping After Hanging

Pumping After Hanging

Hey guys. By now I think I’ve posted enough for everyone to know I’m a hanger and loving it! Vacuum hanging to be exact. After some recent posts and readings I am really wondering if pumping will be a good thing for me after my hanging sessions. There is not really a consensus. Some say doing any type of girth work while hanging could lead to Pyrenees Disease or excess scar tissue and then other say they have gotten good gains from doing some type of pumping or girth work after hanging.

The theory is pumping after hanging will expand the now stretched tunica and encourage permanency. I just really want to know if it is safe to do as I do not want to have to stop PEing because of an injury. I have not been injured for the last seven months of PE and I would like to keep it that way. If I begin pumping it will be for length reasons only not girth YET. If anyone has a suggested routine please let me know I am all ears. I hang for about one hour at max weight and then at least another one to two hours at lower weights.

I have a Bathemate that I purchased a while back so I’m really all good to go. Just need a safe routine. I haven’t hung for about the past two weeks and from what I can see I haven’t lost any of my gains yet. When I come back next week I want to begin the Hanging/Pumping routine if its safe so please advise me if you can.

I just recently started hanging 2 weeks ago. I hang an hour a day at 5lbs. The other half of my routine is 10m stretching, 175 wet jelqs, and 20m in my bathmate(in that order). I do that M-T-Th-F and on Wednesdays I’ll do my 1hr hang and 20m pump right after, excluding my stretches and jelqs as an off day. I also do a 20m edge session after every workout, only ejaculating every third day. On my “on” days I fit the hanging portion in anytime I can, whether it be earlier in the day before the rest of my routine or right after my pumping session. I don’t really see a major difference either way I do it, but I haven’t had any negative indicators as of yet. I actually feel like I’m making gains just after these 2 weeks.

I know I didn’t really answer your question as I haven’t been doing it long enough to really know, just wanted to give you my short experience thus far.

Hey thanks nunu191919. I appreciate the reply. It shows me that someone else is already doing both with no problem. What is the pressure you use for the Bathemate? Do you get girth expansion or length or both when pumping?

By the way I just pulled out my Bathemate and I have a question. How are we suppose to tell the pressure being applied? The numbers go up in 100, 110, 120 and so on.

I get expansion in both. I’m mainly going for length at the moment, but I will take any girth that comes along. I mainly do the 20m bathmate session for a nice warm down while pumping all that extra blood in there. Plus I love how fat my dick looks when coming out of it, although it’s only for a very short period lol. I can probably pump up too a little over 150, but I’ll pump up to 140 and by the end of the 20 minutes I’ll be at 130. Then I call it quits with the pump. So I don’t go to full pressure.

I think that’s been one issue about the bathmate is that you really don’t know. They have 2 threads that I can think of that are good reads if you want to learn more about the bathmate…

Hey thanks Nunu191919 I’m going to check that Thread out. I’m going to start experimenting this monday. Wish me luck.

Good luck man. Let me know how it goes and if you find certain things that work better than other. It seems we are using the same methods to gain.

I hang one hour followed by 30 minutes of the bath mate.

I visited their website and read that the maximum pressure you can get on a bath mate is .4 bars which works out to 12 inches Hg. I have no idea if that is a lot of pressure or not but I have never had any injuries from its use.

I gained my first 1/2” in length by hanging and pumping after.

Now I’ve switched to pumping then hanging or stretching.

That seems to make more sense to me. The pumping loosens up the tissues and expands them.

Then hanging keeps the tissues extended while healing and recovering.

Originally Posted by tinytim
I gained my first 1/2” in length by hanging and pumping after.
Now I’ve switched to pumping then hanging or stretching.
That seems to make more sense to me. The pumping loosens up the tissues and expands them.
Then hanging keeps the tissues extended while healing and recovering.

I dig that concept. Usually I pump then clamp. Now I’m clamping and hanging after pumping. The idea is to increase expansion during recovery in length and girth.
In this way, plateaus can be broken. Trick the Dick and Slick will grow Thick.

Once you start hanging heavier weight the fluid buildup will make hanging difficult enough without pumping. Are you using a clamp style hanger? I have tried vac hanging with pumping and this worked pretty well, but, if you are hanging with anything over 20 pounds and using a bib hanger and trying to pump it feels pretty shitty.

PE and gym 4 life.BPEL-8.3 MSEG-5.7

I don’t really hang anymore, I just use a bungie extender.

After pumping I put on a bib type hanger and hook it up to a bungie cord while sitting on the sofa as I read, or while on the computer.

Its not as much tension as heavy weights, but I sit for 1 or 2 hours at a stretch and get a good extension and nice full hang afterward.

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