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Low vacuum pumping vs. high tension hanging, etc.

Low vacuum pumping vs. high tension hanging, etc.

I’ve been wondering why hanging with heavy weights is OK, even for long durations, clamping is like wise extreme, but pumping is always recommended for relatively low vacuums. In other words, the other techniques seem to emphasize high stress, but pumping is the exact opposite. I realize that this is partially acquired wisdom, and I’ve read all the relevant threads, but there have also been renegades who have flaunted this advice. So, why the difference? If the goal is to stretch the tissues as much as possible, wouldn’t this suggest high vacuums when pumping?

If the goal is to stretch the tissues as much as possible…

I disagree with this statement, +2: the goal of any form of PE, in my opinion, is to stretch the tissues enough that the stretch induces permanent growth. Another way of saying it would be “to apply the minimum amount of force necessary for growth rather than toughening of the tissues, which makes growth more difficult”.

In my case, I’ve had good success with high vacuum pumping. I’ve also had pumping-induced ED from using the same strategy, until I learned to use it in a sane and effective manner.

Keep in mind that I have been pumping for more than 15 years, so I do have a level of conditioning that some do not have.


Thanks, GM :-) Aside from the wording, hanging applies more stress/stretch than pumping, does it not? Let alone clamping. I’ve hung, and I can’t imagine applying enough vacuum to match. I’m just trying to wrap my mind around the theories.

Pumping is my main activity, and I’ve been at it for over two years and consider myself conditioned. I don’t seem to have any adverse side-effects from high vacuum. I let the PIs be my guide. Sometimes 3-4 seems seems like a lot, sometimes 10 seems like nothing. It varies.

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