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Psychological aspect of penis size, help!


Yeah and chances are if asked they’d guess that 7x5 was 8x6 or something. Damn 8x6 popping up everywhere around here.

My 12 cents (we're in a weak economy)

I’ve been reading the posts on this thread and something really stands out to me. We’re talking about what women want, how big, small or inbetween. I don’t think “women” have anything to do with penis size and our self image. While I’ve seen posts on this sight ever since I joined about guys preceiving that women think their dicks are too little, and I’m in that category as well, it’s WE who think our dicks are too small. We’re embarrased, or uncomfortable, to go into gym showers, public urinals etc. because we think the guy next to us is gonna be bigger, or he’s gonna think we’re small, it bothers us, it bothers us a hell of a lot.

Well, I’ve just started using a ball stretcher, I’ve noticed a bit of swing in my . I’ve also traction wrapped and it makes my dick stick out more. I mean, it looks like i HAVE one. And you know what guys, it makes me feel totally different about myself. While I’m still small, I now know where the word “cocky” came from.

Ever notice the guys that swaggered around in high school always were the hung ones? Maybe I’ve gotten obsessive (but most of us must be since we’re here). I think penis size plays an immense part in the view of our self worth. With a little dick, you don’t think you’re much of a man and God, we all want to be MEN. Big dicks, hairly chests, great biceps - kill that bear with one hand!!!!

Certainly, we’d like to impress women with size, but I don’t this particular issue has anything to do with women.


Size and how I improved it.

The gains were over a year and done by Hanging, serious jelqquing, Very strong Uli’s and squeezes, plus some but not a lot of pulling and stretching manually.

Slightly off-topic

For my senior year high-school spring break trip, I went to Cuba with some classmates. Now, I was moderately overweight and was always worried about appearing shirtless in public because of my man-boobs and prominent nipples. But I figured “To hell with it”, and decided to enjoy the beach for the week anyways.

All was well until a few days in, where I overheard one of my friends discussing something on the beach, and heard the word “shrivelled”.

“What’s shrivelled?” I asked in a casually curious tone.

“NOT your nipples,” replied one girl, with a sarcastic smirk.

And BAM. It didn’t matter that I’d said “To hell with it”. It didn’t matter that I decided I’d be comfortable with myself. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t even uproarious laughter, that the conversation carried on after a brief chuckle. A trait that I had alwasy disliked was brought to the fore by a member of the gender to which I was attracted, and it knocked me down a notch. A notch I would have liked to keep.

I spent the rest of the trip inside, wearing at leat a t-shirt, and wore heavy sweaters for the rest of the school year. I was lucky this didn’t happen in junior high, though I didn’t feel all that lucky at the time.

This stuff is less about penis than about self image. Like Glenn said, roundly, men are far more obsessed with penis size than are women. Why do you think women generally drool over the likes of JFK Jr (RIP) and Sean Connery, instead of Ron Jeremy and John Holmes?

I forget why I wrote this. Maybe I just needed to tell it. Thanks all for listening.

And by no means am I trying to “one-up” the other stories here: some of you guys have been in quite unenviable situations. Good on you that you’re doing something about it though =) I just hope you’re working on the mental as well as the penile.

Good gains to you all, in body and in spirit.

Jabari, I know how it feels dude.

I used to get teased all the time at school about the size of my dick although, by people who most probably had never seen it, it was a common insult in my school.

In phys ed lessons I used to cover-up in the shower and hide, mainly because I was behind them all at puberty therefore my dick was obviously going to be smaller, but that was just my luck, everyone I saw was bigger than me.

They looked like they had giant dicks compared to my undeveloped little willy. In retrospect, i don’t know if they really were that big, they probably just looked massive because I was so small, and a few years behind them all at puberty.

I guess its the fault of the media and tv etc. The mentality that if you have a small dick you are less of a man. Fuck YOU.
I mean, if i were to get teased about my big feet or small hands I doubt I would even give it a second thought.

But when you get insulted about your penis, your love-making organ that is serious. Especially if women do it, how the fuck would they like it if men were to make insecurities for them about the size and look of their vaginas?

Anyway, sorry for my outburst, It was quite fun really getting all that off my chest, who’s next!?

Oh and, when I finish PEing I can’t wait to shove my fat dick in the faces of all the media, man-dispising size-hags and scream ”suck thiiiiiiis”. Whahahaha


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