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Psychological aspect of penis size, help!


Psychological aspect of penis size, help!

Greetings Y’all!

Just after advice relating to me overcoming this all to frequent penis size complex thing. I am talking about feeling inferior because my dick is in the lower-average catergory (erect size = 5’1in len * 5’6in gir middle). I mean, I know deep down that it dosen’t matter much AT ALL!! It dosen’t define my spirit or who I am. It is a tool that when erect is placed inside a womans vagina to insert semen hence continuing the human race! My dick works fine so why does this psychologically wound me so much? Why do I obsess about it? I can make up for the lack of pleasure I dish out with my cock by using my tongue etc. So why do I still obsess about it?? I still get treated the same by my friends.. nobody views me by my dick at all,
I am sure there are women out there with small breasts that feel the same way as I do, but I don’t view a women by her breasts I view her by her mind and aura; and some of the most sexiest, charismatic women I know have small breasts.

I was wondering if there are any guys that have girlfriends/wives with extremely satifying sex lives and/or relationships. I know this IS the case but I want to start a relationship and in order for me to do this I need to overcome these psych problems. I have been asked out by I lady my age(23). It is rare to be asked out in public by a beautiful women you hardly know. Obviously it wasn’t for the bulge in my pants, probably because I have at least got pride in my physical appearance I don’t know. I am worried that when she sees my snake she’ll think less of me, how do I overcome all this.

Most of all, how do I undo all the sterotypes about how to relate to women due to my lack of being with women due to my size complex??!! I know I can do it and I’m sure I will make a great companion to a women out there.. I know most of you more experienced members have.

Penis size dosen’t make you more or less of a man at all and I KNOW THAT in my soul. If I know this why do I have these psych size complex problems? Please help!

will be in eternal gratitude to any advice especially regarding relating to the opposite sex.. and following through with an offer from the opposite sex as above..


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You have an erect girth that I would be proud of, with a bit of PE you could easily be above average length-wise.

Look on the bright side.

ps. Women can only feel the first 2inches inside their vaginas with any real sensitivity so it just comes down to the visual appeal aspect. I doubt she will think about this when your making her come.


Answer these questions and you have it: why do you want a bigger car? A mansion? A boat? etc. Simply because you don’t have it (btw I don’t have any of these). It’s human nature longing for what it does not have. Look at Adam he had everything-I mean the only woman on earth (no competition), and everything else living or not except for one tree. He went for the tree and please don’t put the blame on Eve or the snake. Adam wanted what he did not have. I know many members will say that this talk is all hogwash and is some made up story, but it illustrates my point exactly.

Take it easy on yourself and take your chances in life. If you don’t, one day when you are looking in the mirror, you will see and old man foreign to you. Then you will regret every minute passed by……..but it will be too late then to do anything but to feel sorry. Time is always the winner.

Penis size doesn’t matter, but it does matter to you. This is what is important. It does not matter if all the women in the world told you that you have the largest cock and that you are best lover ever. If you think it’s small, it’s small. Do something. That’s what all guys are doing here, trying to make it bigger. Heck, in my wildest dream I don’t even think I would reach their length. If I gain a .5” I am willing to jump off a tall building just to express my joy. I just started….at least I am doing something. It is the cure for my psych problem.

Just what is the worst that is going to happen if you got out with this woman? What is the best? Weigh both and take your chances.

Remember you will only be 23 for 365 days…

Personally, (and this probably isn’t what you want to hear but it is my opinion) I don’t think you can ever completely overcome these feelings.

If I was the last man on earth, and every woman on earth had me as their only chance for reproduction (hey, I can dream can’t I!), I would -STILL- feel my size was inadequate. Even with no-one to compare against I would still feel small because I know statistically it falls into the “smaller than average” category. I think once the seed of inferiority has been planted in your head, its roots go so deep that it can never fully be removed. Pruned, yes. But not removed.

Just my opinion.

An interesting perspective, Penguin.

Well, I’ll say this - then y’all better get to some pruning and keep a daily watch on it.

Because what will matter to the type of woman you want for a longterm relationship - the type you want to invest your life in, not a selfish sizequeen or someone just out for a sexual experience - is that as a man you are self-secure.

Look, women have a great struggle to deal with their own complex nature. It is inherently more complex than that of a man. I said ‘more complex’, because in reality a man is not simple. Each are complex in their own way. A man who really thinks he is very, very simple is usually just undeveloped and shallow with a closet full of skeletons waiting to destroy his family’s life. [end rant] Honestly, I’ve met few women who really want to deal more with your problems than their own. Not that they are necessarily self-obsessed (some are, tho’), but it’s an issue of capacity and most need your support emotionally. Women tend to support men emotionally in slightly different ways. But supporting an insecure man is oftentimes difficult for a woman.

So deal with how you see yourself. Self-affirmation, destroying the lies of the past, whatever it takes. You gotta get secure. Think about it - a woman wants a guy who can be a good father to her children (oftentimes). She is looking to invest her life and future family in someone. Does she want an asswipe or a great guy for her future mate? A man with a 5.1” penis who is secure about himself will always take it over the big-donged dude asswipe in the longrun. Always.

That is, with the type of lady you *want* to bring home to Mom.

And ain’t that what you really want?

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I think they’ve said it very well. Patric, I know where you’re coming from. I used to be obsessed with my penis and how small I felt it was. I think all guys feel their dick is small, except maybe the ones that tear women up. Look at it like this, your penis is just part of the ALL that is you. This girl, she doesn’t know weather you’re hung like John Holmes or G.I. Joe and she wants to go out with you. She finds you attractive, and brains and a good body go a lot further then even the biggest dicks in the world. As the other great guys on here have said, a woman would rather have a nice guy then some dickhead with 10” between his legs.

I can understand you want a bigger dong, that’s cool we all do. Hehe, just make sure you’re doing it for you, to feel better about yourself, don’t do it for the size queens. BUT, don’t forget to also work your mind and muscles. Women dig guys with brains, and i’ve not met a woman who didn’t like a guy who took care of his body. Keep those bases covered and your relationships wil be alot better.

Wise words brother Buster. Wise words. :)

Cool, LilSquirt!

Another thing to think about - how often do you hear women say one of the things they want in a man is a good sense of humor? You can’t really be an ass and have a healthy sense of humor. Normally those types are just either too abrasive or self-obsessed. Brilliant humor takes a brilliant mind, to some extent.

On the big cock thing - my ex couldn’t stand the size of my dick. Not super long, but fat enough to really cause her pain. Because we just didn’t get along very well and there was so much friction between us. So to her I just wasn’t the guy, you see? Therefore it was like shoving a log inside her.

Now I wonder at times what it would feel like to her. Like if we got along what she would say? I have no real desire to find out, but sometimes I feel like calling her up and saying, “You’ll never believe this but - *boing* - oh, sorry about your eye! Here, let me help you up..” -and- “Does it seem bigger to you? Are your eyes supposed to bulge out like that normally? When was the last time you took a breath?”

I guess we sometimes think about people in our past because they are a sort of a reference for our growth.

Sorry - off topic here..

Originally posted by lilsquirt19
As the other great guys on here have said, a woman would rather have a nice guy then some dickhead with 10” between his legs.

Not to contribute to anyones insecurity, but which one will give her more sexual pleasure?
Also your girth is very good and that’s what 99% of women I’ve talked to say is the most important factor sexually. I am 7.75x4.75 and I would trade 2 inches of length for one inch of girth.

I am roughly 4.75 E-girth.

I would trade an inch off my length for .75’ girth anyday.

I reckon the perfect girth for women is between 5.5 and 6inches. The perfect length 8inches.

( or maybe thats just the size I want! )

Buster, plenty of females i’ve met have said a sense of humor is a big +. Well, i’d like to think making a woman laugh is better then these guys that go “hey baby want to be one of the few lucky enough to date ME?. Onto the size thing, haha you really should call her up and freak her out! That would be too funny!

Onto the “which is better?” question. I’ve asked chicks, others have told me outright, and in several magazine interviews it mostly points to girth. Which makes sense, I mean, a 4 incher with 6 inches of girth can hit more nerve endings then a 12 incher with 2 or 3 inches in girth. Sure, you can play Vlad the Impaler, but that’s only fun for you! :) )

Not to contribute to anyones insecurity, but which one will give her more sexual pleasure?

Oh, and who will give her more pleasure. Well, i’d say the dickhead with 10” would….NOT! Think about it, if he’s an asshole, sure he has a big dong, but you know he’s only out to get his own rocks off. The other guys, like me, we take our time, get her nice and pleased, making sure she’s satisfide, then we shoot or wads. No complaints yet, either. Heh, heh, heh. Food for thought.

All things being equal, who will give her more pleasure?

The one who hits ALL her spots and takes his time, i’d say. Think about it, if you got guy a, he takes his time, hits her with oral, hits ALL her zones, then gets her in some wild positions and nails her, he’ll pleasure her more then guy b, who has let’s say…the wonderfull 8x6, who kist climbs on in the regular ol missionary, pops her for 3 minutes, hops off and is done.

That’s not all things being equal.

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