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New "member"

New "member"

Hi, new guy here. Give ya a little info about myself and my “member” and hope I can get some opinions on what might work the best for me.

I’ve been reading and studying about PE for a little while now, and decided that I would like to dedicate what little time I have to maintaining a routine.

I have been reading about average lengths and girths, and I believe im pretty below average in both flacid and errect lengths. Flacid Length measuring in at only 3.25” bone pressed, and only 4.50” in girth. Errect Length is only 5.1”, and Errect Girth only 5.75”.

Im 6’ tall, and weigh 235lbs. Im a little chubby, but alot of the weight is muscle I think. I try to lift weights as often as I can.

I’ve tried pills, and have been ripped off on the websites … I was about to give up on the whole thing until I struck some luck and found these forums. Theres nothing but informative and positive attitudes here, and I believe I may have found my salvation ;)

Im basically looking for a semi - quick routine thats easy to follow, and will generate the best results. I do realize that this isnt an overnight fix, and im willing to work with it. I’ve heard that weights are usually the quickest results.

Looking forward to your opinions and help,

— T

(gonna sign with the initial of my first name, cause my user name is retarded ;p )


Look in Progress/Routines for information on types of routines out there. Also read up in hangers if you are interested, but the Bibs are going out of production. Does not mean you won’t be able to hang, you will just have to make your own.

The fellas here will give good advice, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just make sure that you have already done a search and can’t find the answer :)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

welcome and good luck with your routine

Its worth checking out luvdadus’ newbie routine. That a good place for anyone to start and gives you time to read and tune from there.

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Welcome to the board blahmeister!!

Welcome! I’m new too! One of 5 females! ;) If you need any advice or have any questions feel free to ask! love you



And a Canadian eh to blahmeister! :up: Woo coo coo coo coo coo cooooo! What’s up, eh?

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Hi BM. Hmm, I agree a name change might not hurt. :) 5.75” erect girth is well above average. It’s even above the goals of some guys here.

How are you measuring length? It’s important to take good measurements before beginning PE if you want to accurately track your progress.

I suggest you measure the following. Measure more things if you like. You may wonder a year from now what your initial FSL was, or base girth, or…? Now is the time to record such things.

BPEL. Bone pressed erect length. Use a wooden or plastic ruler. If you are right-handed, lay the ruler across the top of your erect dick with the left edge of the ruler aligned with the center of your penis, with penis and ruler both 90 degrees from your body. Muster the very best erection possible, and push the ruler very hard into your pubic bone. Repeat a few times. Record the longest length you can get. You’ll do this every time you measure, so be honest but always record the longest measurement. Push the ruler in HARD everytime.

NBP: Get the best erection possible and measure along the top of the penis without pressing in the ruler. Don’t press in the skin or fat at all.

BPFSL: With a flaccid penis, grasp right below the head using an Ok grip and stretch it out 90 degrees from your body, again pressing the ruler firmly into the pubic bone. Repeat a few times. Record the longest measurement.

Erect girth: I suggest measuring erect girth at the base, midshaft, and right behind the head. Use a tailor’s tape if available. Otherwise wrap a string around and mark where it crosses itself. Measure the distance between marks using a ruler.

I would like to chime in for keeping the name. There is something so wonderfully revealing and honest about the name a person chooses without too much thought. Don’t lose that.

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene. " - Brian Eno

FWIW, I hate the name I have here. But it’s way too late to change it.

Thanks for all the replys!

I was a bit hasty when I measured the first time and made a mistake with the tailors ruler … basically I miscounted an inch on both flaccid and erect girths. So its 3.5” flaccid girth, and 4.75” errect girth.

Here is my prediciment. I dont have any problems doing the stretches, but when it comes to jelqing … I have problems with grabbing alot of “nut” skin, making it difficult to jelq as described. I would like to effectivley work on length as well as girth, but with my penis being as “handi-capped” as it is … would it be easier to lengthen / stretch it a bit before trying to work with girth?

— T

-- T

If you are having problems with extra skin from your scrotum being included with your jelq, you could try with your other hand to pull back the excess skin, and with your other hand perform the jelq technique! This technique will require the use of two hands.

Another way of looking at it: as normal, have an OK grip in beginning position near base with one hand, and with other hand, reach under beneath OK grip hand and pull back into the body the extra scrotal skin. Now jelq forward as normal, all the while holding excess skin back with other hand.

Another option is to use a reverse OK grip (palm down, thumb towards body, pinkie outwards from body)!

There are many variations of techniques! :)

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

I have fairly large hands, and with the size of my penis … it makes jeqling fairly hard to do. I’ll play around with it a bit, and see if I can come up with a solution.

Also, im not circumsized (sp?) … does getting cut affect length at all? I would guess without that little bit of skin it might hang out a little more. I’ve looked around and found no information that suggests that it does, but i’d very much like to hear opinions.

Thanks again for all the help so far, getting help and support with these kinda situations is far and few between. I really appreciate the kindness and respect here.

— T

P.S. I’ve heard “LOT” being said alot, and I cant find the definition of it. What exactly does it mean? lol =p

-- T

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