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Problems with hard flaccid

Problems with hard flaccid

Hi I have a had few trigger point sessions that have not yet helped in the hard flaccid department. I am not sure if I should continue.

The hard flaccid I experience is pretty mild, it does not affect erection quality or sensitivity, but prevents me from jelqing effectively and safely, because when I attempt to jelq while the penis is in its hard flaccid state, it does not feel productive because I cannot effectively move blood through the penis. It also feels like it strains the penis to jelq while in its hard flaccid state, and I do not want to re-injure my penis. I was jelqing well about two years ago and was noticing quick and satisfying gains, than it seems I got overeager and applied too much pressure during jelqing sessions and noticed a shooting nerve-like pain in the center of my penis. Since then I stopped PE, but whenever I re-attempt it, like every 5 months, I still notice some subtle nerve soreness/sensitivity and an enduring hard flaccid that makes it hard to jelq. The hard flaccid come and goes though, in particular when I run to the bathroom to pee I often notice my penis is healthy, plump, and soft looking. I am not sure why the hard flaccid seems to go away in those moments. I have attempted to jelq in those moments but the hard flaccid often returns within moments. If anyone can offer any thoughts, insights, or guidance, that would be very appreciated. Thank you very much.

I guess the problem is in the grip you apply when jelqing; avoid the OK grip, try putting pressures on the sides and avoid your fingers pushing on the urethra.

I have been into a consistent PE routine for just over a month. My dick has never felt softer while flaccid. My EQ remains great as well. I am hanging, extending, stretching, and pumping with an electric air pump and a bathmate XX40. Below is my prgress thread. Check it out. I don’t know if changing up your routine to something more similar to mine will have the same effect for you but it is always possible.

YKM123321’s Progress Thread & VIDEO LOG

ykm123321 is the owner of the gripping trainer website. He also surreptitiously posted here as LetsGrow123 in an effort to promote that site. Please take any product endorsements as very likely to be biased.

Thank you for the replies….I guess one question I have is: Does the fact that my hard flaccid often goes away when I need to urinate suggest anything about the possible cause of the hard flaccid in my case, and what a possible remedy may be? Thanks

Marinera, how would putting pressure on the sides without an OK group work. Wouldn’t that technique fail to trap the blood?

Hard flaccid is typically caused by pelvic floor tension. If you are no longer experiencing it when you urinate I would further say it is a pelvic floor issue. You relax the pelvic floor when you urinate. Look into reverse kegels. If you are doing a kegel routine now, stop.

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