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Problem staying erect when peing

Problem staying erect when peing


I’ve been reading this forum for a long long time but I finally decided to start peing and posting. Now I want to gain mostly length and no so much gains, yet when I do a good 3 second jelq after about 10 my penis starts to get really flacid again. Sometimes I have to stop and having build up again. Anytips.

Watch porn, or have magazines around when doing it. Some men get erections when holding vibrator to penis or scrotum so you could try that .

I miss this place.

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Yep watch porn or do anything that keeps you erect.

If you are going for 100% erection, the above post should be fine. But if you are going for less, don’t watch porn or what not to get to your erection level, as you may train yourself that sexual arousing situations = 80% erection, or whatever you are aiming for. Then when you want to have sex, you can only get 80% erection because you’ve trained yourself that porn (equating to sexually arousing situation, or having sex) equals an 80% erection.

This is just theory, but it makes sense to me.

Actually to take advantage of human conditioning, you can play some sort of stimulus (say a certain song) whenever you are jelqing. After awhile your mind will set your dick to your jelqing erection just by hearing the music. This also separates PEing from actual sex, so your body doesn’t go to the 80% erection or whatnot when having sex, as the music isn’t present.

I’ve found two things that help when trying to keep erection levels for jelqing or any advanced girth work. First, always get an erection before your warmup. Simply get aroused and make sure you stay that way for a minute or three. This is akin to a general warmup before the specific warmup and has helped me a lot in having more consistent erection levels. Second, kegel for each jelq. And definitely use porn.

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It may sound stupid, but what I sometime do is overhand OK grip (your little finger is in front), on every stroke, use your little finger to stimulate your head (for me the tips), it keeps me erect all the way.

From my understanding, you don’t want to jelq fully erect, but between 60 and 80% erect. Full erections could lead, but not necessarily, to injuries. Please don’t hurt yourselves, having to stop PEing is detrimental to gains.

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