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Difficulty staying erect during jelqing

Difficulty staying erect during jelqing

I’m having difficulty staying erect during my jelqing sessions. I get about 10 strokes in and I’m down to about 40-50% erect. Wondering if anyone has any ideas, other than porn that might help me to stay erect. I’m trying to stay at about 80-90% and it’s been difficult. Thanks.

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You can try some squeeze - Uli before jelqing. I’ve tried and I saw it helps to have more blood into your penis during jelqing and ‘to feel’ better each stroke.


A good imagination helps. I quite often am the opposite, I have to stop jelqing and and relax a bit by doing some kegels. Other than imagination and porn (does a Girls of Hawaiian Tropic poster count as porn?) what else is there barring a significant other?

you shouldn’t jelq on a 90% erection anyway. try to keep it around 40-60% for length and 75-80% for girth. 90-100% and you may cause damage.

I think kegeling helps put more blood in there. Kinda difficult for it not to be pumped right back out though

I’ve been experimenting with wearing a cock ring and it seems to make getting a hard erection easier and more frequent.

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