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Post-newbie routine

Post-newbie routine


I maintained the newbie routine very consistently for about three months and didn’t see any size improvement whatsoever. I did, however, note a huge increase in libido, erection quality, frequency, etc., but the size remained unchanged.

I usually did a 2-on-1-off schedule, but missed a day here or there whenever my sex frequency increased to the point of fatigue. I haven’t been doing any PE for the past two or three weeks.

I am really only interested in increasing my girth at the moment. So I was just wondering if some experienced people could weigh in and give their advice on the best method for this. I would really prefer to not have to buy any equipment because I don’t really have a place to hide anything. But maybe there’s something I’m not thinking of. Any input is appreciated.

Thanks, fellas.

Switch to dry jelqs and fulcrum stretches over a thick cylinder; edging with a cock ring (I recomment a metallic one) can also increase girth over time. True girth gains require a lot of time.

Are you saying that you have not increased a single bit in length? Were you even doing the jelqs and stretches properly?? Because I have gained in 3 weeks my friend.

I think you will see that girth will be the first result to see but as I have been reading and informing myself, as you increase girth, so does the length. Then again that’s what I pick up.

Originally Posted by ingeniousreader
Are you saying that you have not increased a single bit in length? Were you even doing the jelqs and stretches properly?? Because I have gained in 3 weeks my friend.

Obviously measurements can vary depending on when they are taken, and how full they are. But over the course of the three months I saw no tangible increase in length at all. No increase in girth, either. And I think most of the “newbie gains” people think they see are really just improvements in erection quality which shows up as an increase in length. It doesn’t mean your penis has gotten permanently bigger, it just means your erection is harder and more full than it usually is when you measure. And maybe subconsciously pushing down a little bit harder on your pubic bone than usual.

Marinera, thanks for the input. I will look into that and give it a shot.

I’ve seen a lot of different things around this site. I’ve seen people have success from just clamping for a few minutes a day, and I’ve seen others with some pretty tedious routines. It seems either some people are predisposed to easy growth, are bad at quantifying progress objectively, or everyone has a different routine that will bring them success. I’m hoping it’s the latter, and I’m just trying to find what works for me.

Are you saying in your opinion that the newbie routine just sets you up for proper exercises that will help your penis to grow because I just cannot understand how you have not gained at all because stretching and jelqing applies strain to the penis which in turn stimulates growth. The rest days for repair. Are there any other newbies out there who have done 2 months or more that HAVE gained ? I have always had a great erection quality that I couldn’t have imagined to have been any greater, however in 2 and a half weeks of the newbie routine I have increased by 0.2” in length and I’m getting closer to a 0.3” gain in length. Is that just erection quality or are you just the unfortunate one that has not increased by the newbie routine? You said you gained NOTHING so you are saying you didn’t even improve erection quality? Because I had a 10 out of 10 erection prior to this routine and my penis has increased in length and girth. Anyone else have opinions on this?

I had some gains but minimal.. Around “.25 in about a two month time, then again I used to do PE for about a good 10 to 30 minutes session , so how long is your session?

I warm up then jelq for ten minutes. Later on that day I warm up then stretch every way including V and A stretches. I warm down in both cases. I think the knew way of jelqing is improving things now even more. I get a tight grip ( tight enough to get good amount of blood through and not tight enough to cause pain or injury. I am a good judge of what is too much. ) And the jelq should last 3-4 seconds. I also hold back the skin below the fat pad which is at the base of the penis so that my foreskin doesnt go over the head of my penis as much. I do 2 days on 1 day off.

Sounds like my routine as well

I dunno then maybe I’m a possible good gainer. We’ll have to see but I’m determined to get at least up to 6.5”.

I’ve gained close to 0,8’ in the first 3 months. Let’s say 0,3’ is from improved EQ but that still means I gained 0,5”. I think you might be doing something wrong or are one of the unluckiest ones. You should have seen at least a bit of increased length due to improved EQ

Starting 20/02/2013: NBPEL 6 inches; EG 5,85 inches

Current : 7.2 NBPEL

Second Goal : NBPEL 8 inches; EG 6 inches

I’m another guy who seems to have gained zero length. I’m about 5 months in.

God it’s annoying reading about everyone’s newbie gains.

Originally Posted by Yoshi44
I’m another guy who seems to have gained zero length. I’m about 5 months in.

God it’s annoying reading about everyone’s newbie gains.

Yep. And so as a result I’m a bit skeptical.

But as I stated before, although I didn’t gain any size, the increase in EQ is enough to keep me going. My girl always comments on how much harder it feels so that’s a big plus.

I’m going to mix things up a bit and see if I can prompt some results with other methods.

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