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Possible stretching injury

Possible stretching injury

I was stretching last night and all of a sudden I felt something giveaway. There was no pain or anything and I haven’t had any problems since but I was a bit scared to carry on stretching. Do you think I should tame some time off or should I be OK?

Search for “lig pops”.

I once had a giveaway sensation and heard a sound abit like ripping velcro. It didn’t hurt, but it felt a bit numb. I’ve never stretched that hard again and haven’t felt anything either.

Back off a few days and relax. You should feel pain or numbness if somehing went wrong.

regards, mgus

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I felt it several times, when it doesn’t hurt there isn’t a reason to stop stretching.

Don’t worry my dear friend I had somethign very similar but my did cause some form of discomfort; or so I thought ; I think you should follow Bird2’s advice.

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