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Possible ADS, all night?

Possible ADS, all night?

I’ve been trying to figure out a safe way to use an ads at night. Something that will keep it in an extended state but be safe enough to have nocturnal erections without hurting yourself. My newest idea came from seeing the autoexsleeve. I’m wondering if it’s safe to wear just a rubber sleeve at night that would keep it in an extended state while being safe since it won’t be attached to your leg in case you move and stretchy for those night boners. And would it be useful, since it’s not pulling on the ligs?

PE while you sleep.. I’m definitely keeping track of this thread

We don’t recommend wearing things on your dick whilst asleep. If something should go wrong and the blood supply is cut off. or seriously diminished. Then you couldl have big trouble

Unlikely? Yes! - But the Law of great catastrophies applies to dicks as well.

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Gangrene sucks :p .


I wonder.. Would your dick turn blue or green after a night with ads?

I would say black :p .


Wouldn’t gangrene cause it to turn green? And as for the dick turning out black.. Wouldn’t that happen because of frost bite?

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Don´t know about that (never had gangrene or seen someone with gangrene), I though you were not serius… anyway, green or black it´s BAD.


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