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Please review my routine

Please review my routine

I am new to PE and I have read a bunch of the threads and the videos in an effort to become familiar with PE. With that said, here is my “beginners routine”. Please critique.

1. Warm towel warmup
2. Wet jelqing 100 reps
3. Jelq squeeze 100 reps
4. BTC stretch 5 minutes
5. Warm/cold towel cool down

I also thought about doing what I call “BTC crunches”. I haven’t seen it on here as a routine but I would contract and relax my BTC muscle for BTC strength.

Please let me know what you think. Also, do you think its better to do a cold towel or warm towel cool down?


I assume you mean your BC muscle. The thing about a BTC stretch is that it really targets the ligaments and so crunching the BC won’t really have an effect on the stretch. You can test this for yourself pretty easily by seeing if a crunch pulls back on your penis when you hold it in the BTC position. It shouldn’t. Kegelling is good though, so you are combining two things there but one shouldn’t have an impact on the other.

I think it’s normally sensible to place stretches before the girth workout, so warmup -> BTC -> warmup -> jelq might work better. Experiment though, see which works best for you.

I would be extremely careful with the jelq squeeze. It’s really an advanced exercise. This doesn’t generally mean you’ll gain quicker if you are new to PE. In fact it likely means that you will hit injury sooner.

I will leave it to others to discuss the best options for warmup and cool down.

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