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I don’t know but something happened on my dick. A pimple have developed on my skin and I pricked it. Blood and pus came out of it. Maybe some kind of bacteria landed on it or maybe PEing has something to do with it. But I don’t think PEing has nothing to do with this because I have already developed this several times before I started PEing. Nothing more important, I just want to share what happened to me. I hope there are doctors here in the forum who can help me with my problem.

Sounds like an ingrown or infected hair follicle, nothing major - we all get them from time to time..try if you can to leave it alone, much as you should a facial pimple..

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I found I’ve had them from shaving and plucking before. If you do pluck, make sure you get all of the hair out, rather than leave a little bit in there which will curl as it continues to grow.

I reccommend purchasing a sensitive skin astringent and use that after every shower, especially if the shower includes a shaving. I shave more regularly now; I once posessed the time and energy to pluck, but that dedication and desire has left and with the vibrating 4 bladed razors or 5 bladed razors, shaving is painless and smooth.

The astringent will help prevent infections and pimples from forming. I noticed this when I starting shaving more regularly. I recommend sensitive skin because, well, who doesn’t have sensitive skin down there?


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Originally Posted by Slack

I got a few the few times I shaved (as opposed to just trimming), do you happen to shave by any chance?

Yes, I shave every month. I think drilla is right. Maybe this is an ingrown hair follicle. If this is the case, can you teach me the proper way of shaving? What should I do? Manual shaving or mechanical shaving?

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