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Pimples on my penis

Pimples on my penis

Hi dear all,

I’ve always had lots of small pimples mostly on the base of my skin. It looks a bit like goose skin. It looks like there is a pimple at the root of each pubic hair. Normally it’s not painful and I hardly noticed them. Recently two large pimples developed though. They are like small balls (penuts) below the skin. I tried to squeeze one out, but not all came out. Does anyone know if this common or should I see a doctor. I also have some kind of very small white spots on the rim of my glans. Is this normal, too?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hey lingam

Great handle! - Indian word for penis, isn’t it?

You say you always had the pimples, has a doc ever tell you what they are or if you should watch out for anything about them?
The new large ones and the white dots should be checked by a doctor if they don’t go away after a few days. You didn’t say where exactly they emerged (might be lymph nodes perhaps?) but I would definitely have them checked.

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I’ve always read that the small white ones are common. I think I read somewhere that they’re called “pearly white papules”(?) As for the large ones, I have no idea.

Could also be folliculitis - infected hair follicles, but it could also be many other things. Try washing with an antibacterial wash and if that doesn’t help, check with your doctor.

Keep us posted.

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Re: Pimples on my penis

Originally posted by lingam
Hi dear all,

I've always had lots of small pimples mostly on the base of my skin. It looks a bit like goose skin. It looks like there is a pimple at the root of each pubic hair. Normally it's not painful and I hardly noticed them. Recently two large pimples developed though. They are like small balls (penuts) below the skin. I tried to squeeze one out, but not all came out. Does anyone know if this common or should I see a doctor. I also have some kind of very small white spots on the rim of my glans. Is this normal, too?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi Lingam !

Are you from the Indian continent ? Nice choice of nick !

Would you mind telling us how old you are (roughly!) ?
If you are young, then I would guess you probably need not worry about the “small” ones. Thiese are likely to be just hair follicles, most guys have them. I’m no chicken, and I have them too ! Some of mine grow little hairs, but most don’t. As I get older, I seem to have more of them, farther up, but I don’t have them close to or on my foreskin.

As for the larger ones - “peanuts” you say Wow!, now those could be more of a worry. As you say you squeezed them, and you “got them out”, it tends to sound like you may have got some hair follicles infected, maybe during sex-play, or something, but you didn’t actually say what came out when you squeezed, or whether it just healed up, or did it recurr (swell up again) ?

I think we need more help here ! (email me if you like)

Now, the white spots on your glans rim (the corona), are probably the little glands which produce the smegma for lubricating your dick naturally. We all have them; usually, they are small and not very noticeable, but I find a few guys do have noticeably large glands there. Usually, these are all round the corona edge, or in the sulcus, which is where the smegma collects. Cut (or circumcised) guys tend not to show these glands as much as we “uncut” guys, that’s because normally (when your cock is flaccid) , the glans & glands are covered and protected, but the cut guys get them rubbed by their clothing. Interestingly, recent research has shown some revealing facts about foreskins and smegma. It seems that almost all of the pleasant sensations we get from sex, are due more to the effect of the “ridged band” of the foreskin, and NOT as was generally supposed, from the nerve endings in the actual glans head. Most of the sensations actually originate from the ridged band when the foreskin slips back and forth, and the smegma is an important “nature’s own” lubricant. You need to keep it well washed daily, so as to avoid a build up of smegma specially in hot weather or climates, but the smegma is actually an essential, despite the pro-circ lobby who reckon that they do the cutting simply to be rid of it ! (the smegma I mean)! Fortunately, circumcision is falling out of favour, which as a cock-worshipper (and a gay man) I’m delighted to note !

Best Wishes to you,
Please let’s know a few more details, so we can be sure if you need to see the doc about those peanuts !



Pearly Penile Papules

Hi Lingam and whoever else may be interested:

I have similar very small flesh colored bumps around the rim of my penis (I’m circumcised) and a few just under the head on the ‘belly side’ of my penis. I was worried at first, thinking they might be genital warts so I did a lot of research online. I found out that they were/are indeed what SuperStroker was referring to called “Pearly Penile Papules”. Apparently quite a large number of men have them, up to 40% in certain sectors. They are most commonly found in uncircumcised black men but are present in all races cut or uncut.

Luckily, there is absolutely nothing harmful about Pearly Penile Papules and they are NOT an STD and they cannot be transferred to women. However, by the same token, because they are not a virus, they cannot not be treaty as such and neither ordinary planter’s wart remover nor genital warts remover (which act to kill the virus apparently) have any effect on the bumps. Trust me I know from experience. I can vouch that over-the-counter wart remover does nothing to these guys.

I did a google on Pearly Penile Papules and found that although relieved that they are not harmful, most men would prefer to get rid of them. Doctors and other informed people usually respond with something like: ‘this is an absolutely normal condition and there is no reason why you should remove them, except for cosmetic reasons alone, which is just dumb’. Not very helpful in my opinion.

There is a reason to remove them. This condition is practically unheard of (although quite common) especially to the average female. She could very easily mistake these small bumps for some harmful disease and this can lead to very uncomfortable situations. You could always tell her: ‘oh there’s nothing to worry about dear, they’re just Pearly Penile Papules, a harmless male condition of the penis’. Even if she believes you, do you really want to have explain them to every girl that you’re intimate with?

I’ll admit my current girlfriend did notice them, but said nothing because she assumed they were a natural part of me and not some STD. Regardless of that, I still want to get rid of them.

As far as I know, there is no patented treatment for PPP. Probably because they are harmless so not much research has gone into them. Apparently John Hopkins University has treated some patients.

Personally I would just like to get rid of the ones just under my head on the belly side of my penis (there’s only about 6) and I have no qualms about doing it myself. Carefully I’ve been able to grasp them with a tweezers and I think it would be very easy to give each of them a little snip and off they would go. Unfornately this would probably hurt. I’ve tried to find some kind-of strong local anesthetic (like dental) but I can’t get ahold of any. Does anyone no where I could find some? Or have a better idea for treatment? I do not particularily want to go to a doctor as they would probably give me the same flack as above and it would be embarrassing. Plus I’m a college student and have no money for cosmetic surgery. Thanks and good luck to anyone in the same position as me.

>Unfortunately this would probably hurt.

Man, that is an understatement! I have about half a dozen of these things on the underside right below the head, same as you. Many years ago I tried snipping one off using nail clippers. It hurt like hell. I mean absolutely horrible, eye-watering pain. And I didn’t even manage to get the whole thing cut off. I gave up. That area is extremely sensitive.

If, not that I intend to, but if I were to ever attempt that again without proper anesthetic I’d probably drink a lot of booze, then apply an ice cube to the area until numb. Then carefully cut the things off. Sanitized nail clippers seemed to be a decent tool for the task; you may come up with something better. Probably have to do one at a time, icing between. I think it would still be painful.

I wonder if OTC toothache relievers would help numb the area. The liquid/gel stuff.

hey Lingam,

heres what I know. One time I was shaving down there - “manscaping” a new term that I’ve heard. And a hair follicle must have got infected from being opened by the razor. Months past and it looked like a pimple - eventually I needed to go to the doctor because it turned into a cyst. The doctor removed an almond size chunk of flesh - fully getting rid of the surrounding area - and giving me an inch long scar across my pubic bone - I’ve told girls it is an old army wound.
I get pimples from shaving around the base too - not so often… Never use moisturizers after shaving I can say that much. Also I’ve noticed that they get a little irritated due to jelqing with the blood pressure increase and all. But mine always seem to go away - well all except for that one time.

Pubbha…. (still working on first inch)

Dude, same thing happened to me.
!WARNING!-GROSS stuff following

I had one, I popped it every two or three days but it kept on coming back. It was like a pimple that I would squeeze and white stuff would come out, I would get it all out, but there was still a small pump, just 1/4 of the size. The entire thing was about this size -> o
I got pissed and cut it out. It’s gone, but now I have a black scar about the same size, no bump, but a scar.

Guess what! Another one came up, I just applied some hydrogen peroxide, been popping it for about a year now. I tried leaving it alone for a week, still there. It’s hardly noticeable, but still, I’m afraid to whip it out near a girl without a condom on.

Hopefully the hydrogen peroxide will work but if not, what should I do?

Don’t do any more home surgery. :) Hydrogen peroxide won’t do much for these things. Most of the time if it is an ingrown hair or infected hair follicle, they will go away on their own if you don’t pick at it. If it’s a blocked sebaceous gland it will go away on its own as well, but takes longer. Sometimes the stubborn ones need to be drained (open with a sharp pin or needle that’s been sterilized by dipping in alcohol or held in a flame for a few seconds) and have the old sebum squeezed out. Then leave it alone.

It isn’t always easy to get rid of the sebum that might be on the scrotum as it dries and cannot be squeezed out. I have these and occasionally they flare up and become very painful and they have to be dug out.

If you need an anaesthetic, Then Lidocaine, (or lignocaine) as it’s sometimes known. can be obtained as it is used for the relief of haemorrhoids. This is the usual anaesthetic also used in dental work. - providing you are not allergic to it (as I am).

The best antiseptic is betadine which can be obtained in liquid form and is used mainly by podiatrists, when cutting out corns etc that bleed. Not to be used if you are allergi to iodine.

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