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Permanent - Temporary Increase and Decrease


Cementing the gains is probabaly as hard as achieving them. That’s why you need some sort of maintanence program. Also look up on the amasing isometrics excercise.

Wats cementing and how do I do it?

Is it possible to permanently lose girth and lenght by PEing?

Originally Posted by champloo.
Is it possible to permanently lose girth and lenght by PEing?

No; else it would be PR (Penile Reduction).

Joking aside, members have reported some reduction in their increases if they did not cement their gains.

If I’m reading this chart correctly, there does seem to be two dots below the baseline for gains in inches, but the chart also shows how infrequent that is.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Use the search tool.

Cementing involves maintaining your routine for a numbers of months after achieving your desired gains. Essentially, you need to overshoot the mark a bit to counter the expected losses.

That being said, I’d also like to point out that everyone is different. Members here have reported loses after stopping PE varying from only 0.1” to everything ever gained. So, I’d say a long term maintain program is the way to go. Maybe jelqing in the shower once a week or something. You can also search for maintance programs.

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Hi Okish6er ! What does “cement your gains” means ? I guess it is doing PE for the rest of life right ?



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