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Short routine to cement gains

Short routine to cement gains

I was just thinking about a short routine to cement your gains.
Lets say you have reached your goal, or you don’t have so much time over a longer time period to make a full workout. What would you do?
Please post short routines to behold your gains.
My idea for a cement-gains-routine which could be easily made during a shower:
Little bit of warm up under the hot water then
-) Stretching: 30secs in every direction(up, down, forward, left, right, BTC)
-) Orange bends: up/down 1 min each
-) Manual clamping: 4x30 secs
-> Every second day

Kegel whenever you can/want during the day

This workout would only take 7 minutes under the shower

What do you think about? Enough? Too much?

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Originally Posted by did
Please post short routines to behold your gains.

Eeeh… well, I usually just look down…

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2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

Sounds good when I get there I will consider doing this maintenance routine.

I’ve read somewhere that you only have to perform PE once a week for cementing gains. Is your routine supposed to be daily or also once a week?

When I would get to my goal I’ve always thought of doing my one-hour PE just once a week instead of 5 times. Seems reasonable to me.

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Here’s a scenario.. I am going home for a week soon and I know I won’t have enough time to perform my usual 100-120 min PE routine (all lengthening routine). I am going to try to PE six times during the week. Do you think just a 20 minute set once a day would be good enough just to keep the ligs stretched so they don’t go back to their normal state and I lose length? ( 20 min. A day- 6 days that week). Do you think it would be a good maintenance routine because I am real anal about losing my gains and I haven’t quite tried any maintenance routines.

(Also, during the summer when I’m home, it will be the same situation, I won’t have enough time during the day to do a good PE workout. Would this routine.or what routine.. Would be good to use throughout the summer/ 2-3 months / so I don’t lose anything-not so much trying to gain anything- just trying to keep what I have throughout the summer until I get back to school next fall and have the ‘alone’ time I need to do solid workouts. Any recommendations?)


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