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Permanent Injuries from PE


Permanent Injuries from PE

As someone looking into PE I’m wondering if anyone has suffered serious injuries from it. I’m talking things like permanent ED etc

I’m kind of worried about clamping. Couldn’t that expand the veins on the other side so that they never close?

I hope no.

It’s possisble to do yourself an injury simply by boiling an egg. So Yes it’s possible to do likewise in PE.

You should not do advanced exercises such as clamping until you have done the basic exercises as shown in the Newbie Routines. for at least two months - possibly more. I have not practised clamping so I can not give advice. But I would suggest you read as much as you can (Do a Search on the forum) before attempting clamping

You should get some good help by doing so.


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I’ve been at it a year.. And have done some clamping for several months. So far nothing serious.. A few spots, a little bruising but all heals within a few days.

Erections still good, though EQ does vary over time.

So has anybody ever gotten venous leakage from clamping?

I haven’t had permanent ED but being obsessive compulsive with my hanging I have definitely gave myself a scare a few times when my cock didn’t want to work.

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Originally Posted by greatscotty

So has anybody ever gotten venous leakage from clamping?

The best way to go, is to do a search on venous leakage in the forum . Use the advanced search which will give you the posts rather than the whole thread

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Yeah, I’ve done that. This question is only hinted at though in those posts. What I’m trying to do is gather everyone’s opinions on PE-induced ED into one thread

Hi, i’ve been practising PE for over a year, intermittently I might add. Unfortunatley I have suffered a few injuries, all to do with my complete over zealousness. The worst was a nerve bruising which lasted weeks from using a ADS too much which scared the living crap out of me. Trust me, not being able to feel anything on your glans and upper shaft is not a nice place to be.

In my opinion and in view of extensive reasearch on here and other PE forums, incuding contact with Bib, I can confidently state there is very litte in the world of PE that rest, hot baths/wraps, ginko, vitamin B and rest will not cure. That plus a positive mindest.

Just to add, my dick is bigger and more sensitive now than it’s ever been.

This has been helpful. It seems like it’s not that possible to get ED from clamping etc

No, it doesn’t means that it is imposiible. It means that is unlikely. One has to be very dumb or very unlucky - or both things- to get ED from PE, but impossible is a too big word.

Personally I don’t think you can injure yourself doing these exercises. Think about the massive amount of times you’ve masturbated. This only way PE can damage you is if you do the exercises wrong or do to much of it

Hey I just started a few stretching and jelqing exercises yesterday and when I woke up today I realised that I have not been erecting at all. As in I usually get really strong random erections. But today I have not been getting these erections and when I try to erect my erections are not strong anymore. Usually I can harden my erections at will but I can’t today. I am extremely worried. HELP PLS!

Use less force on manual stretching. Don’t do stretches today, just few light jelqs. Don’t worry, you have not broken anything down there. :)

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