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Are PE gains permanent

Are PE gains permanent

Once you’ve completed some PE exercises and got like 1 inch of gain in girth or length, is it then permanent for life??

For example if I stretches for 2 months and had an inch of gain, and then stopped, would it just go back to it’s original size or what. Same with girth??

Are they permanent for life?thanks

Hello jm1g, this has already been covered on another thread.

Please run a search. Cheers.

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You have to “cement” your gains. If you gain an inch and just stop, you’ll lose part of your gains. You need to continue PEing for a while afterwards.

I agree with sam. Gained quite a bit then did a 3 week decon and lost about 1/4 in length and 1/16 girth. Cement your gains!!!

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If you train seriously with weights, will you keep your strength and muscular size gains if you simply stop training? You’ll have to maintain yourself at some level if you value your gains.

With PE, some part of gains (if you get them) apparently are elastic in nature. With cessation of PE the tissues can retract to some degree. However, enough veterans have stated that their gains have remained well after stopping PE (two years or more). The key to keeping most of what you earn with PE is to gradually taper your workouts down over a period of weeks or months. It sure would not hurt to then stick with a light maintenance routine. For instance, a bit of jelqing a few times a week could go a long way to maximizing the vascular performance of your dick. Jelqing also seems to help the penile veins appear more defined—something a lot of guys appreciate.

Honestly you will get two different answers, some people say you have to “cement” your gains while others say you have to maintain. The sad truth is there is very little facts about PE, just opinion. I’m new so I can’t really answer your question from experience, but most of the veterans say that all you have to do is “cement” your gains and you can stop with little lose.

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