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Penis really dry

Penis really dry

Hi everyone,

I started with a newbie routine about 3 weeks ago and have been doing it pretty consistently (5 warmup / 5 stretches / 10-15 jelq / 5 warm-down). At first, I noticed positive PIs like super-hard erections and great flaccid hangs. However, this past weekend I suddenly started losing erections during sex and my penis has been really dry and flaky (especially around the head). It’s almost dry to the point where it looks like I have a STD. My best guess right now is just that the dryness is from the baby oil I’ve been using for wet jelqs, my penis just got used to it and now needs it to stay moisturized. Either that or it’s from me washing it out with soap to remove the mineral oil after a session.

Has anyone else experienced this? I think that the loss of erections may have been caused by jelqing too fast, or by having sex only a few hours after a PE session. My penis does not hurt at all, it is just really dry and limp (at times).

I’m pretty worried, any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!

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Haven’t had the erection issue, but the dryness I have experienced.

I felt it was due to the baby oil as well, like you mentioned. My dryness was around the base though, went away after a couple days.

I was pumping before I started to get the dryness. I stopped pumping and don’t really have the problem as much.

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I agree, the dryness is probably due to either the baby oil or the soap.

The losing of the erection is probably due to needing to do less PE, either throw in more days off, like one on and one off, or just cut back on the routine. I suggest more days off might work best for you.

By the way, welcome to both of you.

Take it easy man and allow for a recovery time between PE sessions.

The dryness is due to the soap. I had this problem when I was masturbating using soap. I don’t know what I was thinking about??

It’s always useful to use some lotion on your dick, even if you don’t have any dryness problem. This will keep it healthy and moist.

I use baby oil for my jelqs and never really had any dryness issues. Of course, I wash it off with soap right after I’m done with my jelqs. I’ve actually seen a nice change of skin moisture with me. It’s almost softer (for lack of a better word) now than it was before.

I had that same issue when I first started. I think the water I was using was too hot during the warm down period. I found the best way to prevent dryness is to not only jelq with baby oil but after you are done for the night and about to go to bed, massage baby oil onto your penis and testicles (makes for a really soft sac). After that, put a thin layer of vaseline on the head of your penis. It’s a bit of stronger moisturizer and healer than baby oil. I haven’t had a problem since and I do that routine every night.

How hot is the water that you use?

I’m not sure temperature-wise, but I just microwave a bowl of water for 1 minute for warmup and use the shower at a reasonable setting for warmdown.

The dryness has finally subsided - haven’t done anything PE related for 5 days now. I only see my girlfriend on the weekends so tomorrow I will get to see if the erection problem is still there. Hopefully not :)

Barring any further problems, I will probably start up again in a week or so and will take into consideration all of your advice. Thanks everyone for your replies.

Good luck pezz. I hope you overcome your problems, and enjoy successful PEing.

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