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Penis Head

Penis Head

Reading about soft/hard glans when erect has made me a bit worried. Is the head supposed to be rock hard? Mine (when erect) feels like it is comprised of two parts: the outside part is soft and doesn’t feel like it could fill with blood, but if I push on it I can feel a rock hard smaller head kind of inside the soft head. I always thought this was how it was supposed to be - is it?

Yes, that’s normal. You can engorge the glans more by applying pressure at the perineum (the space between the anus and scrotum) and pushing up; or by grasping the erection at the base (making sure to clamp the urethra as well) and pulling up gently. When you do this, the glans should expand and the surface will be harder.

You’re feeling the ends of the corpora cavernosa. The glans is never as hard as the shaft, even at maximum erection.

See this: 3corpora.jpg

Phew! I thought it was perfectly normal, but just started hearing people worried about having a soft head. I did look on the net but couldn’t find anything. Thanks for the replies, great picture West.

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