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Penis gets flaccid while jelqing

Penis gets flaccid while jelqing

My penis gets flaccid while I jelq (goes from about 60% to maybe 30% erection) any tips on how to keep it at 60%

How long do you PE? The first 2 days I did PE, my penis also went down in %. From lets say 50%-65% to 20%-30%.
But now it seems like he’s getting used to it, maintaining at least a 40%-50% erect penis.

And what is your routine? Just the newbie routine I assume?

Yea newbie routine

Try to use the hand that’s not in motion at the base like a clamp. Kegel in blood between strokes.

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Alright ill try that out thanks

Originally Posted by Iguana

Try to use the hand that’s not in motion at the base like a clamp. Kegel in blood between strokes.

That. And if necessary keep some porn nearby.

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Yes . Porn is a good idea . I do that as well hehe .

I have the same problem, porn it’s a solution but if you stick with porn, you will make your penis get used to that and everytime you PE you will need porn. I recommend doing a heavy kegel routine and continue with your exercises to see with you can gain that way.

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