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Damaged Penis While Jelqing

Damaged Penis While Jelqing

Hi Guys, I am fairly new at PE and have already injured myself just by jelqing and stretching. I immediately felt it when it happened. I was jelqing with my right hand and was at the end of my pull. I felt a sting and then a burning sensation. It got my attention to be sure. It burned the rest of the day and the following day it turned into pain and it will itch at times. It is still hurting and if I try to jelq when I hit the spot I have to stop. I don’t know what I did, maybe I tore something inside of my dick, I just don’t know. I have heard of guys breaking their dicks before by getting carried away and pulling it out too far and then missing the hole. Having to go to the hospital to have surgery afterwards. I hope I haven’t damaged my penis to the point of having to do something like that though. I can feel a small knot right where it hurts at. I guess I could have ruptured one of those chambers inside my dick but wouldn’t it be bruised. Is it possible to see if your dick is bruised. That is if you don’t damage the skin, just your dick under the skin. Anyway if someone knows anything about what has happened to me some help would be appreciated. Thanks, Danni

Sounds like it could be a thrombosed vein. You should read this Thrombosed Veins to see if it sounds familiar.

Take a break from PE till it has healed.

Originally Posted by danni0731

Hi Guys, I am fairly new at PE and have already injured myself just by jelqing and stretching.

Follow Piet’s advise.

I have a request Danni: So that other new PE’ers could learn a lesson, appreciate if you could give some background information.

When did you start PE routines ?

What is your frequency (days on days off)

Details of your routine

Starting stats and present stats.

Thank you.

If it is a thrombosed vein, read about Eroset’s vein oil (EVO).

regards, mgus

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How erect were you?

I have been doing PE for about 2 months. I was very aggressive in my routine because I felt that 2 months of PE should have had me in condition to withstand the aggressive workout. I think I wasn’t giving myself time to recover from the workouts. My workouts were as follows. In the AM, I was doing Jelqing and stretching for 1 hour straight. In the PM I was doing the same. I was seeing good gains in length and in girth and I was really caught up in the workouts. I just could not make myself take the days off I should have. I don’t think I took more than 3 days off in the entire 2 months. That is probably the cause of my injury. I was about 30% erect when it happened. I can get a better grip on my penis if I have some blood in it to trap to do the pulls. I don’t need too much girth. I am satisfied with my girth and I mainly concentrate on doing hard pulls. I have a curve in my dick to the left and I had been working on that curve really hard. I would bend my dick while I was semi erect to the right while jelqing. I could tell the left side of my dick was getting overworked but with my thinking I thought this wouldn’t be the time to let up if I wanted to see results. I know Guys, I was stupid, so please hold the ridicule. I have refrained from PE for the last few days and I am still having problems. I put a heating pad on my dick and it starts hurting so bad I have to take it off. I guess the heat lets more blood into the injured area and that causes the pain. I will list my stats below. I got most of my gains in the first month. In the second month I almost stopped gaining completely. I guess this is why I got more intense during my second month. I wanted to see the gains that I had in the first month. I only ended up with a damaged Dick! Danni

Starting Stats


Erect Girth-5/06/06=5.75


Erect Girth-7/02/06=6.05

And I guess this (the increased intensity in the second month) is why you almost stopped gaining completely ;)
Besides your dick NEEDS the rest.. Just like your whole body needs rest in order to heal up all the minor injuries and imbalances.

My suggestion (just like anybody else’s apparently ;) ) is:
Leave your dick alone for the time being.
If you can maintain a 100% (or more) erection (eg. through edging or ballooning) and it does NOT hurt your dick (at the time being or afterwards), do it.
If there’s pain leave it alone completely until the pain stops completely..
And when the pain stops only do light exercises (eg. edging / ballooning) and see if it still doesn’t hurt.
If it does after a while that’s a sign of you overdoing it.. Adapt!

And last but not least: Be gentle to your dick, be it while edging or ballooning or jelqing or stretching.. It’s the only dick you will EVER have, so treat it as what it is :)


Hi and thanks, I am trying to find out how to go about edging and ballooning. Is there a site that tells you how to do these two exercises. If so, could you point me to it. Thanks, Danni

Ys… you know which thread to mention.. ;)

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