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Penis Envy ...cut Vs. Uncut

I hate hearing how girls think cut looks better than uncut.

They admire it for two seconds and then it’s either in their mouth, ass or pussy anyway.

If a bitch ever said that to me, I’d slap her in the face with my cock.

If you haven’t guessed it, I’m UNcut.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~

I am cut but think what you have is what you should live with. I am sure your female partner can’t tell the difference between a cut and an uncut one when it is hard and inserted. And who cares what it looks like?

It’s just a norm. It’s what they’re used to seeing and what they expect to see when a guy drops trou. I happen to think that a two-tone dingaling with a dark brown stripe down the middle looks a little odd. I, however, come from a family of mostly uncut men. It’s probably why I am restoring. I identify with uncut because most of my male relations and the males I identify with were uncut. To me, a circumcised penis looks odd. That’s just me, tho.

To be honest, I think the female response of “ewww” is just brainwashed into them. That’s what they think they’re supposed to say, but let them get ahold of one and its all good, baby. My wife said “eww” when I started restoring, but now she loves playing with my little mini-foreskin, and enjoys the greater comfort and subtle extra friction of the skin sliding around inside her. If a gal loves you, she’s going to love your cock, whether you’re cut or uncut.

I’m uncut, never really thought of it too much though.

As for the women, they can have it how it is or get someone elses. I’m not going to have a knife cut skin off my dick. I wouldn’t make her get breast enhancments and I wouldn’t expect her to want my skin cut off.

If I ever have a son, I’ll leave it there, he can decide what he wants to do with it later.

Anyone here have sex with and without a foreskin? How was it different? Any reports from the females?

I’ve heard hospitals sells the foreskin to use in other products, I know it’s weird. I also heard the hospital charges for cutting of the foreskin, talk about a win win situation for them.

There is a way to feel like you have been circumcised. It involves taping the the cock behind the head with the skin foreward. Then, holding the tape, skin back over the tape, covering it with the prepuce. Then tape the seam. Now, push the tape that is now inside, behind the outside tape (this is kind of tricky) or just leave it.

Voila, instant circ.

This works for sex too. You may find the natural way is better though.

Everyone here should watch Penn & Teller’s Bullshit episode on Circumcision.

I’m Natural. For years I felt a lot of pressure to get cut. This has kind of put more of a fear of “Bobbits” in me, and have become more protective of myself.

In High School, there was one guy I knew who was very upset that the hospital did it to him as a newborn, without his permission. This put me more at ease.

I’ve talked to many guys that became cut, and they (almost unanimously) say that they preferred it before.

One guy had prostate surgery, and after healing felt a pop, and then swelling while master bating. He went to the doctor and they (instead of just draining the fluid) cut him a little. He was so upset he wanted to sue for malpractice. Having little money, he eventually moved back to Europe.

In the Roman arenas if you were cut, you were not allowed to compete until you covered yourself with something.

Joey, on Friends was not allowed into a movie roll because he was cut. So, they all tried sliced meats, and the like, settling on foreskin made of silly putty.


I first came from foreskin stimulation.

I’ve skinned back many times and didn’t really like it. I’ve noticed that even Peeing skinned back is not as satisfying.

A natural penis creates ridges that are deeper than a ribbed condom, women can tell the difference.

I’ve had a woman that did not like me to skin back until I had it in her. She said it looked very painful with the glans exposed.

If you are Natural GREAT!! Stay that way unless you REALLY have serious problems ( like tonsillitis or appendicitis of the penis). If you are cut, and are interested, restore yourself. I’ve heard that sex is better, even though you will never get back the cut nerves, ridges, etc.

If you are ok with the way you are, even better.

I’ve never had a problem with Premature Ejaculation.

This an untrue urban legend about Natural cocks that is found mostly in USA.

There is no correlation. In fact it may be the opposite.

Penn & Teller, Circumcision episode of “Bullshit”

I love my cut dick.

Many woman I know prefer cut than the elephant trunk look. :)

I think it’s different culture here in Australia. I have a fair few mates that are uncut and everyone of them has said they want to get it cut.

I got mine cut when I was 17, for medical reason. My foreskin was too tight around my head and I couldn’t pull it back.

Originally Posted by JohnnyC1
I got mine cut when I was 17, for medical reason. My foreskin was too tight around my head and I couldn’t pull it back.

Could you explain? When erect or flaccid?

By the way most people in my country are uncut.

Just to chime in on this whole debate…

I’m uncut but always have my head showing as the skin rolls back behind the glands. Even if I manually pull it forward I end up with a bit of the tip still showing and if I move or do something it tends to roll back behind the glands again. Also when I get an erection it all rolls back and I can just barely get a bit of skin behind the glands.

I’ve also had an ongoing problem with sensitivity where I have to really work at keeping an erection during intercourse as half the time I can’t feel a thing and even when a woman gives me a blow job I’m like yeah ok thats reasonably nice but I’d probably never come by that means but I’ve only ever had sex with a condom and never sure if this is down to using a fleshlight a lot or being kind of cut.

On the subject of condoms doesn’t this restrict the movement of foreskin during intercourse and add to the desensitivity.

“Many woman I know prefer cut than the elephant trunk look.”

Reminds me of the joke about the guy who got a penis transplant (topic in another forum) with an elephant’s trunk. His wife was happier for the sex part but kept complaining that when they were in bed her husband would eat peanuts and that his penis kept trying to cram peanuts into her vagina and anus. :)

Cut here, I won’t speculate on what’s better or preferred even, that depends on the woman. But I think the foreskin on mine tried to grow back and regenerate to a certain extent. Either that or I’m just getting older and it’s sagging from gravity or the expansion and contraction. Aging kinda stinks, before I sit down now adays, I have to lift the boys up so that I don’t sit on them. :)


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