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Penis Envy ...cut Vs. Uncut

Don't Cut

I’ve Been Cut Since Childhood (orthodox Catholic)

All I’ve Had Is Social Problems , Depression , Insults Ect

When It Gets Cold My Dick Turtles To Just 2 Inches, And My Hang Is Lesser Than My Balls. I Can’t Point From My Pants And I’ve Always Got To Wear Clothes With Transperency.

But But


I Look Clean,cute And Every Girl Just Wants To Lay Thier Hands On It. Also My Erections Are Hard Tight And Extremly Shiny. If I Get To Have Sex Oneday Ill Be Much Better Than A Guy Of Same Endownment Whos Uncut.

Dah, Everything Has Good And Bad Sides. But Ill Never Be Able To Flash Any Dangle Flaccid In My Pants For A Girl Dammit.

Originally Posted by tony1982_in
When It Gets Cold My Dick Turtles To Just 2 Inches, And My Hang Is Lesser Than My Balls. I Can’t Point From My Pants And I’ve Always Got To Wear Clothes With Transperency.

But But


I Look Clean,cute And Every Girl Just Wants To Lay Thier Hands On It. Also My Erections Are Hard Tight And Extremly Shiny. If I Get To Have Sex Oneday Ill Be Much Better Than A Guy Of Same Endownment Whos Uncut.

Dah, Everything Has Good And Bad Sides. But Ill Never Be Able To Flash Any Dangle Flaccid In My Pants For A Girl Dammit.

Tony- I too used to turtle pretty badly. But I’ve noticed that after PE’ing for a while I no longer do it. Not sure if it is from being cut or just from the size- My starting length was the same as yours.

As far as the clothes with transperency- what? transparent means see through.

Not sure where you get that you will be better at sex than an uncut guy- being cut or uncut does not affect the hardness of the erection. Be careful about saying things like this- the uncut mafia :) may come after you.

“If I get to have sex one day”????????? that’s not the attitude! it’s “when I have sex someday”!!!!!

Originally Posted by mgus
The option should not be taken away from the parents? Parents? In my opinion this is confusing the issue. It is not the PARENTS that have anything taken away from them, it is the CHILD. BABY. HELPLESS. DEPENDENT.

Tradition. OK, so along comes a new religion and it’s high priests decree that as a sign of obedience to the way/the sun/the gods that…cut off earlobes…

I am cut, and it was not my own choice. The entire concept of circumcising minors is just plain disgusting from a medical, ethical and moral point of view. Irresponsible. Intellectually dishonest.

If the mods consider this flaming, remove my post.


Yes children are helpless. And it is the parents job to take care of them. You may not think it best for your children to be cut, that is your decision, but a parent that does cut there child is not doing them a disservice.

Without getting into this too much Circumcision does have more positive medical benefits than cutting off ones earlobe. It would take some very severe neglect of ones earlobe to get anything bad to happen. While an uncut penis takes less neglect to have issues with.

Please explain more in depth how circumsing minors is “just plain disgusting from a medical, ethical and moral point of view. Irresponsible. Intellectually dishonest.” That seems like some very strong words with very little info backing it up except the earlobe anology which doesn’t work to well for me.

Stubby, what I mean is

medical - there are risks with circumsion; botched attempts and infections. No risks that I’ve heard of when you keep the foreskin as long as you keep clean, with the exception of those that have tight foreskins. But I as I understand it this is not that common.

ethichal/moral - just about all arguments FOR cc are based on either medical reasoning that is just not true (see earlier threads for discussions on that) or a variety of themes about religion/tradition/family values etc. None of which are relevant, when weighed against causing pain, fear, discomfort for a baby, which is totally dependent on you for protection, emotional and physical. The person that is willing to cause his/her baby pain without there actually being a medical condition that needs to be taken care of, that person has something wrong with his/her wiring. If the protective instincts aren’t rooted deeper than that, well then there is something wrong with the parent.

irresponsible - risks for infections and future complications are not unheard of. They alone warrant caution. The procedure can be carried out later if there is a medical reason for this.

intellectually dishonest - just about every reason for the procedure is about the parents WANTING, not the child NEEDING, although it is mixed up in a emotional goop of tradition, freedom of choice (whoose goddamn freedom?!) and B.S. medical arguments. And when you sift through the intellectual debris, it’s about the parents wanting (or caving in to pressure of others) it to be done.

The earlobe analogy is just simply that we would consider cutting earlobes mutilation and wrong to be done to minors. What makes circumcision different?

regards, mgus

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Yep stubby, you know what world I’m in right now with the unpe’ed unused saintly piece god gave me. That turtles when you need to flash the flaccid real bad for the girls and an erection that looks decent enough in front of the mirror but I think a girl whos expecting more would simply laugh I guess. Anyways I live in a world of uncut ppl and I’m always the odd man out. Btw I know PE will work, atleast my buddy who is also Tony explained. The guy has a 10inch dong thats 8inches flaccid and he explained that he was just 6inches and after 5yrs of toil and work away from the world on an Oilrig, dudes got cash and always movin with 2chicks.

About size, I think 7 would be just perfect. Anything more and id be getting attention for the wrong reason, lil dudes would have trouble looking at me when they talk. Besides there are a lot of social problems if you got that kind of piece. Ppl enving you, every guy hates you because you make the whole atmosphere small for them being a 8inch big. Also chicks don’t dig hanging guys as far as I’ve seen, they know that the fellow is expecting them to go crazy seeing the cock but then she wants them to proove that thier really a man and not just a loser who made/got a dick. Besides hasnt god made lil cute tight and delicate boobied girls for lil dudes like us?

I’m off to bed now after my session for fuckyou crap. Gnight

Thanks for that attitute thing stubby.

I don’t mind being cut. Also I never had a desire for a foreskin. Guess in my case I don’t miss what I only had for a few minutes.

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I am one of the rare problem guys, in that there was too much skin removed during my circumcision. It caused my penis to be curved and hairy, with a pulled up scrotum. I am about halfway done with my restoration now, and it has improved my sex life immensely. I believe the men who claim that sex if better after being cut are only experiencing the heightened sensitivity of their glans being exposed. That will diminish in a few years when it dries out and goes dull from irritation. Sorry to be a party pooper on that. I don’t think a scarred cock is pretty, either. It is just what most everyone is used to in the US, women included. If we were all uncut, uncut cocks would be considered pretty. It’s just a norm, and that will change as the circ rate continues to drop. The main improvement is simply the rolling of the skin during sex. Whether I am jacking off or having sex, the feel of the skin rolling up and down over the head is just very very nice. It makes sex feel better. What better advertisement could you have?

I had a lot of foreskin but couldn’t pull it back.
So my doc said: “let’s get rid of it!” I was 16.

Unfortunately my only sex experience was masturbating till then.

I know how it feels to masturbate with and without foreskin.

It was easier with foreskin to jerk off. But it can’t be compared, because I can’t say whether it was nicer or better.

Now I am 34. I never had feeling-Problems with my penis. I never thought, that it could be better.
But a few month ago I went to bed with a girl and didn’t feel when I was inside her!
So I had to work a lot to keep my penis hard! I felt like I was in a porn movie! I was sweating all over my body and was pushing hard for over 30 Minutes. It was funny, but I wouldn’t like to do it very often with her.
Weeks later I had sex with an older girlfriend and it was like it used to be. I can move very slow and feel every inch I am inserting. With her it feels very strong.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t circumcise babies because it’s part of the nature. If you can decide by yourself, then just do it. I am happy without foreskin but I am sure I would be also happy with my foreskin.

I was cut approximately age 5 for some health reason or another. I think I couldn’t piss through my foreskin or something stupid. Personally I’d prefer to have not been cut, but there was little choice.

I was cut at birth like 99% of all American males of my age. I never really thought anything of it, and never really quite understood why there was always one or two guys in gym class whose penis looked “different” from all the others.

But when my then-wife was pregnant with our son, I researched all the usual options and came to the conclusion that circumcision was unnecessary. My wife would have had him cut if it were her decision alone, but deferred to my wishes without much argument. She was a nurse and had assisted with many circ procedures and said that sometimes the screaming was horriffic.

The boy has never had a moment’s trouble with his foreskin, even though he had to figure out on his own how to maintain himself down there because I had no experience to share. I’ve had mixed success with trying to convince expecting friends and family to leave their sons intact, some people just aren’t willing to accept any challenge to the status quo.

After my divorce my penis and I had a lot of new-found spare time, so I began the foreskin restoration process. I used the t-tape method, with an elastic suspender strap down my leg and around my knee. I’m not quite done but I have achieved full coverage. So there’s a switch — so many families have had their sons circumcised so that he’ll look like his daddy, and I’ve tried to restore my foreskin to look like my son.

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Good story, churchy. I look forward to the day when I can say I have full coverage. After posting here last night, I was thinking about why I always kind of had foreskin envy, and I think it’s because of the large number of uncut men in my family. My uncles are uncut, some of my cousins. You know, you see it sometimes when you’re a kid, and so I think I grew up kind of identifying with that image and feeling I was different— even though cut is the norm in the USA. Kind of strange, huh?

I have coverage off and on throughout the day. The skin is kind of like the rest of the penis in that sometimes it hangs loose and sometimes it turtles up, so it is frustrating to have off-and-on coverage. Can’t really say I do and can’t really say I don’t. Guess I’ll just have to keep on tugging til I get enough skin that it can’t pull back off the head anymore.

PS— I think it is great that you gave your son a choice, and I respect your wife for deferring to your wishes. All too often, women do not. I’m sure your son will appreciate your decision in the future, as the negative consequences of circumcision become more well-known and more accepted.

Well, I´m totally against females being circumsized in some cultures…………thus I am against it for males as well. Take a look at women with really big clits and go figure what it is that these boys get cut off. I am uncut and can get off by using my GF’s vibrator against perineum (“string-area” under head) and even from rubbing the perineum like a clit. I´d like to see a cut guy do that :D

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Originally Posted by tommyroberts84
When my sister gave birth to my nephew I urged that she not get him circumsized. Her husbands family was against it (him not being circumsized) but I outlined to her why she should let him be. In acceptance, his family urged her to at least “pull back his foreskin” when bathing him. She did this and told me that everytime he “screamed”. She told a well informed urologist of this and he said, “as a newborn it is very painful for him” bc not everything’s developed. Needless to say she stopped pulling back the FS. Makes you wonder what would’ve happened had he had his glans exposed 24/7. In the next 20 years I think we can begin to expect a real decline in circumcision.

Just wondering, has any non-jewish person ever gotten married to a jewish woman who wanted him to be circumsized? I’d like to hear that story and the outcome!



My fiance is jewish, and although she has never had a problem with myself being uncut, she had complained about other guys who had an ugly “elephant trunk”. I do not have alot of extra skin, it barely covers the glans when flacid, even before PE. it is fully retracted when erect but I can still stretch it over the head when masturbating which is nice because I don’t need any lube. But anyway the big ordeal was when she got pregnant with my son and as soon as we found out it was a boy, her family began planning a briss. I completely refused and it was an all out war for months and months but I did get my way in the end. Thankfully she didn’t care either way but it was the stubborness of her mother and grandmother that were pressuring her to try to change my mind. I told her that was the one thing that was non-negotiable and in the end everything worked out, however her grandmother still brings it up now and then about how it goes against tradition, etc. etc.

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Having a foreskin makes you no less Jewish. It’s just a tradition. I’m glad you stood up to them. I think alot of men would rather their sons not be cut, but cave in to pressure. I did, and have regretted it ever since. Of course, I was young and did not know then what I know now. In fact, when my second son was born, I objected to him being circumcised and was told by the doctor quite bluntly that it was my wife’s decision, not mine.


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