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Penis Envy ...cut Vs. Uncut

I’m uncut, like more than 90% of men around here, where circumcision is an exception.

I will only say this:

The most sensitive part of my penis is NOT the glans, is the foreskin, especially the raphe towards the frenulum. First the foreskin, second the raphe towards the frenulum then the glans. This seems to be the case with all uncut guys, according to what I’ve heard and read.

I am cut and started restoration a week ago. I’m getting some skin growth. Being cut feels great but it would be nice to see some sensitivity come back!

When I was a kid and a teenager, I hated being uncut and feeling very different from all the other kids in gym class. Almost to the point I wouldn’t even shower after gym class, just so ashamed. Out of all my classes that I had, there may have been only one other guy that was uncut, 7-12 grades.

I still don’t think being uncut is all that great, most have never had to deal with prominent Pearly Penile Papules. Everyone’s penis is different.

I am most amused by the foreskin restoration movement. It reminds me of

the saying that the grass appears greener over the fence. We envy what others possess.

I am gay and am dating a man that is undergoing restoration, and I have to admit that he is far enough along that I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when he is flaccid. He is so proud of it, but he stretches EVERYDAY!!!

For various reasons, I agree that circumcision is on the way out, but its

been declining over the last few years. At least when the boys will be in

gym class maybe, just maybe, they won’t be made fun of by their peers

when they are in the showers.

Everyone is different.

wow- this is pretty civilized for a cut/uncut thread… let’s keep it that way!

I don’t know why who has extra skin or not around the penis would end up being other than a yes/no or civil type discussion but I will take your implication that there have been at least one flame war type thread over this here.

I’m uncut, like more than 90% of men around here, where circumcision is an exception.

90% of men around where? Thunders? or Your home country? I highly doubt 90% of men here at Thunders are uncut.

I am cut and have been curious what it may be like with a foreskin after seeing some guys in porn with one, but I don’t really want one. It seems like extra hassle with no real benefit. Yeah it may be painful for a kid to go through but I don’t have any memory of it. Furthermore, I feel pretty sensitive when it comes to sex and orgasms. So far the few threads I have read here the people that had circumcision later in life and could provide a before and after on each, most if not all described sex as better or at least as good after circumcision. This leads me to believe that it is a small percentage of people that have a goofed up procedure that experience problems. However, I am all ears from people who have experienced otherwise.

As far as kids I am undecided, but I lean towards letting a guy decide for himself. I will study this further if and when I have a boy but I do appreciate everyones opinions here on both sides of the fence.

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Well while I was in school, my friends and I would naturally always talk about sex, girls, and stuff along those lines. A couple of times we talked about our dicks.. Everyone at the table was cut except for my friend Ryan. He would always say it was awesome because he never had to use lube when he beat it so therefore he didn’t get chaffed.. But his girlfriend never gave him head because she was scared of it.. All of the rest of us are cut, and have no problem beating it and I made fun of him because he thought that if you beat it with out foreskin you’d get chaffed.. All I said to him was he must ‘turbo-crank it’ to chaff down there, LOL. Personally, I’ve had a lot of girls comment on how pretty my penis is.. Keep in mind, I’m cut, straight as an arrow, and point to 10 O’Clock on the dot, and keep it nice and trimmed.

So draw from that what you will.. Cheers.

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I’m uncut and I love it. I dont need lube; I took me years to figure out what lube was FOR! Also, I’m very sensitive on my penis head.

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I’m cut too since two years. I think the feeling during sex is better than the time before. It’s looks better too.

But this is everyones decision

I don’t really take a side on this topic either. One of my good friends is un-cut and he doesn’t mind it, yet he always complains that a un-cut penis is harder to keep clean.

Concerning my earlier post, can anyone point out examples of typical cut penises? Be they porn stars or members pics, so I could check the difference?


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I’m uncut, and I like it that way. I don’t really have a long foreskin. Some time ago, it almost wouldn’t cover the glands at all. One time a friend, who I do sports with (he is cut), asked me whether my girlfriend liked it that I was cut, and I was just like: “Eehr.. What?” ;)

But now since a short while, the foreskin seems to have grown and covers the glands to almost the half. I don’t really know where that comes from. Maybe from PE?

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i’m uncut, you cam have my foreskin! I want to b cut

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oops sorry mods for the “web chat” speak

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I’m cut and prefer it that way.

99% of all the women I’ve asked think uncut cocks are ugly.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Women also say that huge veiny floppy cocks are disgusting. This doesnt prevent them from salivating at the sight of one.

In fact, the male body in general is lumpy and hairy and ugly. Who cares.

Who cares what they say? They talk out of their asses half the time.

Ok 90% of the time.

Originally Posted by seyz
HOWEVER, I don’t feel this option really should be taken away from parents. It is a tradition for some

The option should not be taken away from the parents? Parents? In my opinion this is confusing the issue. It is not the PARENTS that have anything taken away from them, it is the CHILD. BABY. HELPLESS. DEPENDENT.

Tradition. OK, so along comes a new religion and it’s high priests decree that as a sign of obedience to the way/the sun/the gods that be or whatever, all new born babies shall bear the sign. The sign is that boys have their right ear lobe cut off, girls their left (earlobes are “useless”, no medical harm done). Now all you who think that this is an issue that parent’s, the family, the extended family or the community shall decide of, for reasons of tradition or other - what would you say about this? Would you really think it was allright to cut the earlobes off a newborn? I’m pretty sure most of those that defend or are indifferent to circumcision would consider the idea of cutting off other parts of children’s bodies unacceptable.

I am cut, and it was not my own choice. The entire concept of circumcising minors is just plain disgusting from a medical, ethical and moral point of view. Irresponsible. Intellectually dishonest.

If the mods consider this flaming, remove my post.

regards, mgus

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