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Penis Angle Questions

Penis Angle Questions

Hey everybody! This is my first post and I am very excited to get my cock in shape! Lol.. I have a few questions about penis angle. My penis gets so hard and tight and points almost straight up. I see all these porno dicks and theirs are more straight out. I was wondering what women prefer to be penetrated with, a dick that goes straight up or out? I haven’t talked to my girlfriend about this but sometimes when I bang her she starts to bleed and she gets really sore,and my dick is actually pretty small I’m guessing maybe a lil under 6 and haven’t broke out the ruler yet. But I am starting to think it is my penis angle. Is there anyway to loosen up the tension of my erections? Lemme know whats up! Thanks Fellas!


I’d say try stretching at low angle’s might help loosen the ligs after sometime.

By stretching your ligs, (search the bib LOT theory) your erection angle will lower, and there are supposedly quite a lot of gains to be made from this if you have a high erection angle.

Secondly, I’d guess that girls may prefer a penis that does have a kind of upright angle. To pleasure a girls g-spot, it is beneficial.

Though, obviously if you are rock hard and your cock don’t bend straight out so much, you will have problems trying certain positions.

It is swings and round about’s really. You will lower your erection angle through PE, and you’ll have a bigger cock that sticks straight out and your girl will probably love the size increase!

It’s all about just using your cock to it’s strengths during sex!

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A couple of thoughts.

I had a girlfriend long ago that would have some pain and bleed from sex. Turned out she had some sort of vaginal wort or cyst that needed to be removed. Yes, we used condoms!

I first learned about PE in tantric sex books. There is a good chapter in this book you should read. They have a move where you slap the inside of your thigh with your dick when it is 80-90% erect. It hits the ligs pretty good and may help with that angle.


Last thought is try doggy style.

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Downward stretching and fowfers should bring down your erection angle without changing your curve.

It is said that many women like an upward curve. But hell, I still want a downward one.

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Yeah I figured that stretching would loosen up the ligaments a lil bit. I just started the newbie routine today. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I feel like my dick already feels better when it’s swingin around in my pants.LOL. I will probably measure sometime tomorrow.

Also, is it better to use a tape measure rather than a ruler? I would ask more about measuring but I guess I’ll just search around.

Tape or string for girth measurements and rulers for length.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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Same angle problem

I feel your frustration. My angle is basically straight up when rock hard with a slight up curve too. This makes it difficult to measure accurately and makes many sex positions impossible. Missionary works great at this angle but nearly all others require a straight out or mostly straight out unit. Bending it down to the necessary angle hurts. I’m hoping PE will stretch the lig some but I have yet to focus on that goal alone. So far, PE has made my erections harder which does little good in lowering the angle. Seems most pics I have seen show guys with a much lower angle (big or smaller dicks). Must be nice.

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